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Suicide Squad #18 Review

Given the cover of this issue, Zod didn’t last as a team member very long did he? Rob Williams furthers the Suicide Squad’s story whilst tying into Superman’s story, which in a sense lifts up everything so it’s more important. The question is, is it good?

Suicide Squad #18
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Tony S Daniel
Publisher: DC Comics

So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

“EARTHLINGS ON FIRE” part three! The moment SUICIDE SQUAD has been building to from the beginning is here! The Suicide Squad has everything they want. Deadshot is reunited with his daughter. Harley Quinn and Rick Flag’s mutual attraction is becoming a true romance. And Amanda Waller has defeated all her enemies. Or has she? Sitting in a Belle Reve prison cell is the biggest gamble the Wall has ever played, and it’s one for which the entire world will pay.

Why does this book matter?

Ever since the Suicide Squad captured Zod we’ve all known it was going to come to this. Waller always seems to have a plan for everything, but how could she plan for Zod to zap the brain bomb out of his own head?! It’s balls to the wall, heavy metal stuff here.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Sucking face. Literally.

This comic reads very fast. Luckily it’s for a great price ($2.99!) and also very good at delivering big dramatic moments. That’s in part due to Tony S. Daniel’s detailed pencils which seem to add additional life to the characters. In one fantastic panel for instance, Deadshot is looking on to the threat at hand (that’s Zod) with a picture of his daughter in another panel. You instantly connect with him and his sense of humanity via the eyes Daniel’s gives him. In another intimate moment featuring Harley, you derive a bit of honesty and trust in her eyes, which again connects you to the character. Daniel’s connects you to the heroes very well, which juxtaposes incredibly well with Zod’s maniacal nature in this issue.

Like a rabid dog let off the leash, Zod goes completely bonkers in this issue. Given he’s cut part of his brain out and how he’s been treated it’s understandable. The guy goes on a full super villain tear in this issue and he’s downright frightening. Williams doesn’t think that’s enough though, ramping up the stakes further and further to the point where the cliffhanger drops and your mouth will be agape. Seriously, how do these guys get out of this one?! Like a good issue of the Kamandi Challenge, Williams will leave you breathless by the ending here.

How is he doing that?!

It can’t be perfect can it?

I know this is a fictional comic book series, but seriously, how can Zod cut a piece of his brain out? Do Kryptonians have a healing factor? On top of that, isn’t the bomb at the base of his neck? Aside from this gripe with realism, it’s a quick read. Maybe that’s partly due to how exciting it is, but I couldn’t believe it was over when I was.

Is It Good?

Suicide Squad remains the best rabid dog let off the leash comic on the shelves. It’s action packed, wickedly fast paced, and a good time.

Suicide Squad #18
Is It Good?
Action packed, fast paced and a great time!
Awesome art that helps convey the humanity of the heroes and the maniac monster of Zod
Fast paced, action packed, and a sex scene too!
Ties into the exploits of Superman well does Zod cut a brain bomb out without killing himself?
Really quick read

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