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Deadpool #31 Review

Considering how dark and upsetting the Secret Empire event has been I’ve been dying to read Deadpool. His innocent and silly nature could bring your spirits up. Then again, this is a tie-in, so how the heck does Gerry Duggan pull such a fun character into such a dark time?

Deadpool #31
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

So what’s it about? Read the preview!

Why does this book matter?

This issue takes place before Secret Empire #0, which is telling, because that means Cap hasn’t taken over the continental United States. Deadpool however, will do whatever Cap wants, so he’s clearly in a tricky position. Can the gullible galoot who loves Cap dearly avoid some Hydra trouble? This issue also delves into Agent Coulson’s whereabouts.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This is without a doubt a very well written issue utilizing a juxtaposed origin to remind us Coulson and Deadpool are probably Captain America’s biggest fans. The only problem is Deadpool has no idea what is coming. Opening with Deadpool as a child, we get some fantastic captions that convey the utter love and respect Deadpool has had for Cap since he was a little kid. We also get a nice explanation of how their relationship has changed over the years. Duggan then drops us into a secret mission Cap is giving Deadpool directly. This leads to Coulson’s part in the story which also includes a nice recap of his relationship and perspective on Cap. It’s a reminder that a lot has changed over the years, but their respect may never die even if Cap does turn into a Hydra agent.


Much of the issue walks that razor’s edge of their respect, but also their duty. Deadpool and Coulson come to blows and the result is shocking. It’s also worth noting Deadpool isn’t so keen on the mission, but still manages to keep his humor up. There are a few quips in this issue that made me laugh out loud, which is saying something due to the overall emotional nature of the story.

Matteo Lolli draws this issue to perfection. It’s clean, and very good at capturing Deadpool’s expressions with the mask on. With great body language and subtle eye expressions we get the very clear impression Deadpool is not happy with what this mission entails. The comedy is great too. In one scene Deadpool invites himself to Preston’s barbecue and it’s just hilarious how it’s blocked and drawn.

Comedectomy made me laugh out loud.

It can’t be perfect can it?

It’s hard to find any fault with this issue as it’s nearly perfect. One could argue it’s simplistic, but part of the enjoyment in reading it is how it clearly shows the emotional element for Deadpool and Coulson.

Is It Good?

Very well written and drawn, with humor too, Duggan and Lolli created a very meaningful story that’s entertaining in a variety of ways. It’s masterful in how it tugs at the heartstrings and always stays true to the characters. It’s a perfect comic.

Deadpool #31
Is It Good?
Entertaining, funny, and it has a meaningful purpose too. It's just great!
Nice display of how much Deadpool and Coulson respect Cap
Drawn well in a clean way that nails the humor
Though emotional and meaningful, Duggan still finds ways to make you laugh

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