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Wonder Woman Cosplay by Tahnee Harrison

“It is our sacred duty to defend the world. And it is what I’m going to do.”

The long-awaited and critically acclaimed Wonder Woman film hits theaters tonight. We’ve been celebrating with Wonder Woman cosplay all week and have found perhaps the most accurate Wonder Woman movie cosplay to date courtesy of the lovely Tahnee Harrison:

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Straight Outta Themiscyra 😎 With @jrulison

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Hello my friends! I've been getting a really good response from my updated Wonder Woman (thank you so much! ❤️😭), so I thought I'd share a few photos and a video of me making the bodice. 👍🏻 I wrapped my torso in Saran Wrap, then masking tape, and then sketched a very rough, basic outline of the bodice onto the masking tape while I was wearing it with a Sharpie marker. I then carefully cut it off my body (ask a friend for help with this part!). I cut the breast cups from the rest of the masking tape bodice pattern and transferred the pattern to foam. After cutting out the foam pieces, I sketched out the lines of the bodice. I then used a soldering iron to etch the lines into the foam. I cut and glued on smaller pieces of foam as well for the "raised," detailed work. I also soldered the knick/cut marks to simulate "battle damage." I heat formed the foam with a heat gun (adding a few "ab lines" because why not? 😂), glued it all together with BARGE cement and added a zipper closure to the side. Finally, I used Plasti-Dip to prime the foam and painted with Rub n Buff and various spray paints. If you're planning on working with foam I HIGHLY recommend watching @evilted_channel on YouTube. He's a master at this and will teach you everything you need to know. Now get out there and make your very own Wonder Woman costume!!! 😄❤️💪🏻✨

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