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Dragon Ball Super: Episode 20 “A Warning from Jaco! Frieza and 1,000 Soldiers Close In” Review

Previously we saw the return of Frieza from chunks of resurrected gelatinous goo transformed into the formidable warrior we remember from the early days of Dragon Ball Z. But that was a long time ago in Dragon Ball time and our heroes have gotten a lot stronger since then. What will Frieza do to compensate?

Resurrection ‘F’ saga – Episode 6/13

We start off the episode with the title indicating a “warning from Jaco”, but who the hell is Jaco? We will get back to that.

As the episode proper starts up, we have Frieza interrogating Sorbet and one of Sorbet’s top warriors, Tagoma, on the status of his empire. Frieza is not happy with how things are, but he has plans to enact.

Despite Sorbet planning on resurrecting the old empire, Frieza has other ideas. He is getting his vengeance on the Saiyans who destroyed him (that would be Goku and Future Trunks). While discussing the empire, Tagoma mentions that Frieza should really just let it go. However, Frieza sees that as cowardice and teaches Tagoma a lesson by shooting him full of holes.

Frieza decides to spare Tagoma’s life though. Sorbet then informs Frieza that Goku’s power level has increased so much so that he even beat Majin Buu. Frieza was told by his father, King Cold, that there were two people Frieza must never challenge, Beerus the Destroyer and Majin Buu. However, this level of power from Goku has gotten Frieza excited to increase his own power level. Frieza was born with an innate power and never had to train a day in his life, so he plans on training over the next four months with the full expectation that he will surpass Goku in that time.

On Beerus’s world, Goku and Vegeta are continuing their training regimen. Whis drops a tidbit of information here though. When Beerus sneezes he ends up blowing up a moon. Whis then comments “it’s just a moon this time so we won’t need a do over”. A do over? What could that mean? That line appears to be forgotten as quickly as it is mentioned and everything moves on from there. Perhaps we will come back to that at some point.

Beerus then questions Vegeta and Goku over why they are training with Whis and Beerus stumbles upon the fact that Whis had been traveling to Earth many times over the past few months. To cover his tracks, Whis claims he has been “taste testing” the food for Beerus.

We then move on to Earth, where a spaceship has just touched down at Bulma’s house. Out of the ship walks someone we have never seen before, Super Elite Galactic Patrolman Jaco.

Wait, we have never seen this guy before? Isn’t he from Dragon Ball, or Dragon Ball Z, or something? Nope, he is a new character to the TV series. But he was seeded in the manga a few years ago. AiPT! actually even got a chance to review the manga when our own David Brooke reviewed Jaco: The Galactic Patrolman. The manga acted as a prequel to the Dragon Ball series where Jaco interacted with Bulma and her father, Dr. Briefs, even before Goku had crash landed on Earth. So despite it seeming like Jaco should be a character from the TV series’ past, alas, we haven’t seen him in “live action” before.

Back to the show. In the series Jaco reminisces how Bulma is now a mother and it must have been some time since he has been to Earth. Bulma explains that Future Trunks came back and defeated Frieza (the second time) and we are told that traveling through time is a galactic offense. Although nothing really seems to happen from this either. Anyone else get the feeling they are seeding things here?

Jaco continues to converse with Bulma and he finds out that there are Saiyans on Earth, contrary to Jaco’s mandate to prevent that. It appears that Jaco is some sort of intergalactic cop that protects Earth. Bulma lets Jaco know that Vegeta and Goku are with Lord Beerus, who Jaco appears to think is just a myth. He then lets Bulma know that Frieza has been resurrected and is on his way to Earth with 1,000 soldiers. Apparently Frieza’s four month training regimen has completed. In order to get Goku and Vegeta back, Bulma tries to get Whis’ attention by flaunting a baked good in his direction.

Frieza is set to arrive in about an hour according to Jaco. Since she can’t get a hold of Whis, Bulma proceeds to contact Krillin. Krillin gets his gi from Android 18 and apparently needs a haircut. Android 18 admits that she is much stronger than Krillin but again, the women in the series are left on the sidelines, despite their power levels. She is tasked to protect their daughter and Krillin goes off to war with an exclamation from 18 that “he’s so cool”. Gag me.

On the way to the fight, the Z gang has been reunited with Master Roshi, Tien, Piccolo, and Gohan flying towards Frieza’s landing zone.

The episode ends with Frieza wondering where the second Saiyan was that defeated him (Future Trunks who went back to his own time) as he touches down on Earth.

Resurrection ‘F’ Movie Link

Resurrection ‘F’ to Super Time Correlation: From the ~13 minutes to ~34 minutes

Despite the series being almost a cookie cutter reproduction of the movie at this point, there are some interesting differences. When Tagoma disagrees with Frieza, instead of shooting him full of holes, Frieza actually pushes him out the main window of the spaceship into the depths of space.

And when Frieza is talking about his training he states he could increase his power level to “1.3 million”. This harkens back to the early days of Dragon Ball Z when the Saiyans still relied on their scouters to give them a fighter’s power level. This of course even spawned a popular meme back in the day from when Vegeta was surprised by Goku’s power level being over 9,000.

We skip over the training of Goku and Vegeta and go straight to when Jaco lands on Earth. When he lands, instead of interacting with Trunks and Goten, Jaco actually converses with Dr. Briefs. This more aligns with the manga series where Jaco knew Briefs from back in the day. We are also treated to a situation from a few episodes ago here, where Krillin chases down the bank robbers. However, there is no help from Bulma this time around.

We again jump back in the series to when Goku and Vegeta are training with Whis and he is admonishing them for moving too slowly. This segment of training with Goku and Vegeta was apparently split up for the TV series because we have everything from the previous episode as well as this episode all wrapped up into one segment here.

The movie actually also drops a lot of hints about the future of the Resurrection ‘F’ saga, that I won’t get into just yet, so as to not spoil them for the audience who hasn’t seen the movie (most of you?).

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

This was a very “talky” episode, giving us a lot of background information about Dragon Ball Z, and how that has impacted this current storyline. Despite the previous several episodes feeling like they were just playing a game of chess laying out the characters into their respective positions so that we could reenact the Resurrection ‘F’ storyline, I feel like this episode actually gave us more of a background to the characters that matter.

We got three main segments here. We learned a bit about Frieza’s current fighting force and how they have been greatly weakened since the loss of Frieza (makes sense since we never heard of them before now after Frieza’s defeat). We got a bit more mystery about Whis and how the training is going for Goku and Vegeta. And last, but not least, we got a new good guy, Jaco. Who or what he is and what he is capable of remains to be seen, but perhaps he won’t be a complete waste.

All in all, not a bad episode for a “talky” one.

So, did you like Episode 20 of Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts below!

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Episode 20 “A Warning from Jaco! Frieza and 1,000 Soldiers Close In”
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