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Amazing Spider-Man #29 Review

Are you reading Secret Empire? Well if you’re not, then too bad, because Amazing Spider-Man is tying into that cash cow and riding it all the way to the bank. Don’t worry, though—even if you’re not a fan of the event, we still get to see Doc Ock’s cool new redesign.

Amazing Spider-Man #29
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Stuart Immonen
Publisher: Marvel Comics

First Read Reactions

  • Spider-Man may be good in a brawl, but I’ll take Anna Maria on my side in a PR fight any day.
  • Always nice when a trained assassin and your aunt are willing to publicly say how awesome you are.
  • If there was ever a good reason for cutting an interview short, it’s a massive alien invasion of earth.
  • To be far, most employees hate their bosses whether they’re secret Hydra sleeper agents or not.
  • Wow, for someone so currently plugged into the international scene, Pete is pretty clueless about Hydra’s recent shenanigans.
  • You know, I gotta say, Doc Ock makes a somewhat compelling argument for why Pete has no business running a corporation.
  • Oh sure, let’s just leave the awesome fight for some exposition *sigh*

The Verdict

What started as a very strong issue fizzled out considerably towards the end.

After addressing Pete’s current P.R. nightmare (a little too easily) and giving us one hell of a good Spidey vs. Dr. Octopus fight, the fisticuffs are abandoned for one of the silliest reasons imaginable. I get that Peter feels a responsibility to help people, but staying and fighting Doc Ock (and subsequently reversing what he’s done) would have been a hell of a lot more useful than fleeing the scene at ghost Tony Stark’s beck and call.

On the plus side, Octavius’ new look is pretty badass. Whether you buy him becoming a field leader for Hydra or not, it’s definitely nice to have him back in fighting shape again. Let’s hope his updated look/body gets to throw down a bit more in this arc without anymore convenient exits.

Amazing Spider-Man #29 Review
Is it good?
What starts as a great issue fizzles out considerably at the end due to some contrived script decisions (but at least Doc Ock looks all types of awesome).
Seriously, Doc Ock's new look is badass.
Whether you're enjoying the Secret Empire Event or not, Slott makes the fallout very personal for Pete.
One heck of a good fight between Spidey and Dr. Octopus...
...which is abruptly halted for one of the most ridiculous reasons imaginable.

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