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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose June 2017

We are officially done with half the year and to celebrate we collected the best and most memorable panels from comics out this month. What did we find? June was a surprisingly funny month! Check out the panels below which come from Marvel, DC Comics and Image Comics!

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Wonder Woman Annual #1

Written by Greg Rucka, Various | Art by Nicola Scott, Various, Liam Sharp
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Of course his real name is Batman. Does this prove he’s demented?

Patrick!: Bruce Wayne died in that alley. Bruce Wayne is the false identity.

Lisa: Pretty soon he will just be .

Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #2

Written and art by Jim Mahfood | Color by Justin Stewart
Publisher: Image Comics

Dog: The Illuminati’s most powerful artifact: The Blue Galoshes of Destiny

Dave: I kind of love in creator Jim Mahfood’s mind Genghis Khan, Hitler, Nixon, and the guy who started the Tupac/Biggie battle are the most evilest of evil.

Lisa: “Craftiest of facial hair” I wonder how that translates to the rest of the manscaping. [raised eyebrow]

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #17

Written by Christopher Hastings | Art by Gurihiru
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: OMG she woke up standing on the pages that just came before in the book. #metaAF

Dog: Gwen returns from the comics world to the real one, to take over with the power of pink text boxes! Eerily similar to Hitler’s rise to power.

Nova #7

Written by Jeff Loveness, Ramon Perez | Art by Ramon Perez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: So Richard Rider (some might call him Dick) is battling a tentacle and decides to do this? Well played Marvel.

Jason: This looks more like a DeviantArt page than a Marvel book.

Lisa: Wow! And just in time for Pickle Fest.

Brian: Travel the galaxy, they said. Meet new life and new civilizations, they said. Lousy Nova Corps recruiters.

Detective Comics #958

Written by James Tynion IV | Art by Alvaro Martinez
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I’d like to think Kristen Stewart reads this comic and gets a chuckle.

Jason: Maybe Kate thinks K. Stew’s history with vampire movies means she could hook her up with enough blood to make her look less like the freshly dead.

Patrick!: Why in the hell is Kate this pale? WTF is happening here?

Dog: She made a pledge to not go outside until the Knicks win two in a row. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Planetoid Praxis #5

Written and drawn by Ken Garing
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: The last time I regurgitated an eyeball in my mouth tube I saw things.

Patrick!: Great, another trip to Four Eyes for us. Kids cost TOO DAMN MUCH.

Dog: Never get into a staring contest with a creature that naturally moistens its eyeballs with saliva.

Brian: This scene in Beetlejuice always made my stomach queasy.

Deadpool #32

Written by Gerry Duggan | Art by Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Oprah is not impressed!

Patrick!: Where’s Bob? Is Bob dead?

Dog: Mail Hydra! … a copy of the death certificate so his family can collect the policy benefits.

Brian: Hail Nobra!

Sam Wilson: Captain America #23

Written by Nick Spencer | Art by Joe Bennett (Colors: Matt Yackey; Inks: Joe Pimentel)
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Jason: Gotta pay the mole toll, if you wanna get this boy’s soul.

Dave: Fargo is too offensive for Hydra. Who knew?

Patrick!: Is this the way Sam gets Mole Man to fight against Hydra? HYDRA CANCELLED FIREFLY TOO MOLEY.

Lisa: This guy needs Fios.

Brian: Does Moleman not have Netflix because he lives underground?

Generation X #3

Written by Christina Strain | Art by Amilcar Pinna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dog: Rousing speech there, General Patton, really makes me want to take a laser blast to the face for you.

Dave: This makes me wonder, do the X-Men have a chest of old costumes just laying around?

Jason: Pretty sure Hindsight got that oversized yellow X Starter parka at Grant Morrison’s yard sale.

Eric: This looks like New X-Men 2.0 except the guy to the far right missed the memo and is instead paying homage to Adam X the X-Treme.

Batman #24

Written by Tom King | Art by David Finch
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I guess Jim Gordon can wait.

Patrick!: Please tell me someone wrote in that she stole the diamond in that ring on the first caper she met Batsy on?

Brian: When I proposed to my wife, I made sure to have a giant floodlight project my name on the clouds. Works every time.

Dog: Bruce wanted to propose in the park on a sunny, summer afternoon, but … Gotham.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #9

Written by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello | Art by Adam Kubert
Publisher: DC Comics

Lisa: Hold on. Trump doesn’t know the word atmosphere. That’s far too many syllables for him.
Patrick!: Even in comic-books, the Fox and Friends morning show people are morons.

Dave: I love that Shaq and the NBA announcers get a spot in the top news people.

Dog: I always wondered what Superman’s emission standards were like. Time to install a catalytic converter in his ass. For the sake of the planet!

Brian: They’re gonna get phone calls.

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #3

Written by Peter David | Art by Mark Bagley
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Jason: Does…does Ben Reilly have boobs?

Lisa: Looks like a B cup to me.

Dog: Yeah, the Jackal threw in a little extra. “I’ll give him the parts I wish I had!”

Patrick!: I lose interest in this series with every panel posted. Ugh.

Dark Days: The Forge #1

Written by Scott Snyder & James Tynion IV | Art by Andy Kubert
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Leave it to Batman to play “The floor is lava and it’s the only place to touch.”

Brian: No one took Batman seriously when he asked what the scariest way to pick up dates would be.

Dog: Fortunately for Dr. Madison, his parents had warned him about getting into anthropomorphized, temperature-resistant, subterranean exploration vehicles with strange men.

Patrick!: “I need yore booahts, yore cloaaaths, and yore motoahhhcycleauahhh”

Rocket #2

Written by Al Ewing | Art by Adam Gorham
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Iguana Daredevil just wants to play.

Patrick!: Isn’t that a Chameleon?

Dog: One eye on Elektra — one eye always transfixed on JUSTICE.

Rock Candy Mountain #3

Written by Kyle Starks | Art by Chris Schweizer
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Blood geysers do in fact occur naturally in the crotch area.

Dog No fair using your hands on the piñata!

Lisa: “HR Office Dont’s” a simple film about anger management

Green Lanterns #24

Written by Sam Humphries | Art by Carlo Barberi
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Is the cowboy hat construct really necessary?

Jason: I’m more bothered by the construct chaps.

Patrick!: Guys, he made a light mullet. You’re focused on the wrong AWESOME THING.

Brian: The light constructs wouldn’t work without the light costumes. That is just a fact. Ask light Jimi Hendrix over there.

Dog: Instant, mental squid tentacles? Nova would LOVE this guy.

Lobo/Road Runner Special

Written by Bill Morrison | Art by Kelley Jones
Publisher: DC COmics

Dave: Road Runner wears an apron well.

Dog: Is the safe … Trump? And the Road Runner is Bernie Sanders? Maybe everyone’s right, and comics should avoid politics. The New Yorker’s second grade-level puns will surely end tyranny all on their own.

Dark Knight Master Race #9

Written by Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello | Art by Adam Kubert
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Zach Snyder’s second Superman film is tentatively called “Superman: Sonofabitch”

Brian: He punched that dude’s face into a Picasso.

Dog: You’ve seen him run at near-light speed around the f-----g world, but it’s only NOW you figure out that he’s FAST?

Reborn #6

Written by Mark Millar | Art by Greg Capullo
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Giving a big dog armor is basically asking to get bruises.

Dog: And Chewbacca still doesn’t get a medal.

Deadpool #32

Written by Gerry Duggan | Art by Matteo Lolli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: This is in fact true: The Amazing Spider-Man” #96-98 – Green Goblin Reborn (1971)

Dog: I hate to imagine the visual pun when Deadpool decides to break the ban on “smoking a cigar.”


Jason: Pat doesn’t speak for all of us. Unless we’re talking about Penance from Generation X…wait, no that was bad too.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #21

Written by Ryan North | Art by Erica Henderson
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Eric: Little did audiences know that Spider-Man: Homecoming would be the most heartbreaking film in franchise history. Also, Tom Holland has a lack-of-skin condition.

Dog: Misaligned Krang NO MORE!

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