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Spider-Man #18 Review

Last issue left off with Miles getting his ass handed to him by Hammerhead. You know what that means, right?

Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Goldballs time.

Last issue left off with Miles getting his ass handed to him by Hammerhead. You know what that means, right?

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Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen. It’s Goldballs time.

First Read Reactions

  • I know this is superhero fiction, but I have a much easier time believing in super-powered people than teenagers taking a taxi (as opposed to an Uber) to get somewhere.
  • HA! That’s outstanding! The only thing that happens when I yell “GOLDBALLS” is a trip back to my car with Walmart security.
  • “You have…a lot of balls.”
  • Miles’ friends are awesome.
  • Miles’ mom is even more awesome.
  • The more I start to like Bombshell, the crazier she seems to get. I hope those things aren’t correlated.
  • Sorry, Hammerhead, but when the Black Cat tells you to fix something, she means it.

The Verdict

Okay, first off, I still think Goldballs’ name/powers are hilariously bad, but damn if Bendis didn’t make him seem badass. No joke—Hammerhead vs. Goldballs is the awesome fight you never you wanted.

As far as the rest of the issue goes, artist Oscar Bazaldua deserves ton of credit not only for the aforementioned fight sequence, but also how well he draws the rest of the script. Bendis’ script gets very dialogue heavy, but Bazaldua never allows it to look or feel static, instead rendering each characters’ emotions/reactions as vividly as you could ask for.

I also love the moment Bendis gives Miles’ mom in the latter half of the issue. It helps counterbalance her previous and relatable behavior to the emotional super strength of a world-class mother. Her development over the last few issues has helped elevate her within a group that is already a superb supporting cast of characters.

The stuff with Bombshell was a little weird, especially when you combine with Ganke’s reactions. But it pretty much becomes a moot point once we get to the issue’s cliffhanger, which looks to make the next few months even crazier and more dangerous for Miles…which means us readers can most likely look forward to this series continuing to be one of Marvel’s best current offerings.

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Spider-Man #18 Review
Is it good?
Great action, fantastic dialogue, and gorgeous artwork make Spider-Man #18 a perfect example of why it's one of Marvel's best current offerings.
I didn't think Goldballs could ever be a badass, but Bendis makes it happen.
Miles' supporting cast continues to be awesome, this time via his mother.
Whether it's a knock down, drag out fight scene or intense dialogue, Oscar Bazaldua nails it.
The stuff with Bombshell (and Ganke's reaction to it) felt a little off.

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