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Godshaper #4 Review

The fight comes to them as Ennay and Bud bring a brawl to the Nightclub in this action packed new issue.

The dynamic duo of Ennay and Bud are back again, already in the thick of it! Picking up where last month’s cliffhanger left off, Team Shaper narrowly avoids capture. Their victory is short lived, however, when trouble tails them to one of Ennay’s Cantik concerts and the fight begins anew!

As with the first three installments of the series, Simon Spurrier’s words and Jonas Goonface’s art make this one of the most fun comics on the shelf. Demonstrating once more the craziness of comics, these two keep finding new and clever ways to display all of the possible uses and applications for the gods of this world (SOMEWHAT OF A SPOILER: I think one of my favorite gods so far is the drawer-mouthed one whose only job seems to be holding onto the evil woman’s knife collection). Of course, the new applications are applied to another crazy fight scene and Goonface executes in his usual frenetic way.

Despite the amount of awesome, exciting moments in this issue, its pacing feels a bit off. While the action of the book is certainly ramping up, for the first time in the series, the story feels rushed. Last issue was also an action packed story with a chase that lead to a turning point in the series. Consequently, to have another issue with even more punching means there’s little time to take a breath. Now, I certainly appreciate that there is only a finite number of pages Spurrier and Goonface have. However, without time for us, Ennay included, to process what has happened, we can’t fully digest what we saw at the end of issue #3 before getting thrown into whatever issue #5 has in store. Had we more time to feel as if the danger has passed, the illusion of safety being broken would have been that much more powerful.

Regardless of those complaints, this is still a great read; the strong choices ultimately outweigh the weaker ones. Among the hubbub of the action, Spurrier doesn’t miss a chance to mine the really compelling dynamic he’s set up between the community and Ennay’s status as an outcast shaper. And just because this is the second issue in a row with big action doesn’t make Goodface’s renderings any less thrilling. I would absolutely show up for a spinoff book that is just a god battle tournament.

Simon, Jonas, BOOM!–please make that happen? Plleeeeaasse?

Regardless, Godshaper continues its streak of quality storytelling and maintains its title of one of the best comics of the year.

Godshaper #4
Is it good?
The fight comes to them as Ennay and Bud bring a brawl to the Nightclub in this action packed new issue.
More awesome character creation
Great new demonstrations of the gods
Some great emotional moments
The pacing feels rushed
Not enough of a breath between last issue’s action and the action of this one

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