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The Critical Angle: Don’t forget the Comics Arts Conference at San Diego Comic-Con! [VIDEO]

Think about your pop culture binge!

Make sure to find us at San Diego’s Comic-Con International this week to win free stuff, and while you’re there soaking in the blockbuster announcements and fandom overload, don’t forget to check out the academic tract of the experience–the Comics Arts Conference!

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Celebrating its 25th year at San Diego, the Comics Arts Conference turns a more critical eye toward the art and business of comics. The Conference runs throughout all of Comic-Con International, and this year features talks such as psychologists Travis Langley and Mara Wood examining William Moulton Marston’s hate-on for Wonder Woman, and Pepperdine University’s Lisa Smith explaining how she uses Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye to teach analytical writing.

Southern Illinois University’s Jonathan Flowers spoke at WonderCon 2017’s Comics Arts Conference on why Miles Morales might not actually resonate with young, black readers

The Comics Arts Conference also takes place at Anaheim’s WonderCon, and that’s where we caught up with the primary organizer and co-chair, Kathleen McClancy in March. Watch the video below to get the low down on all the scrutiny that’s fit to present!

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