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SDCC 2017: Who wore it best? Harley Quinn cosplay

We ran into a few standout Harleys at SDCC 2017: Who wore it best?

In life three things are guaranteed: death, taxes, and Harley Quinn cosplays at comic cons. Don’t get it twisted: the classics never go out of style, and Harley’s various ensembles are staples of the cosplay life. We ran into a few standout Harleys at SDCC 2017: Who wore it best?

Pictures posted with permission of the cosplayers, though unfortunately we did not receive names from the first two.

First up we have an interpretation of Arkham Knight Harley, complete with French maid-style skirt and red and blue pigtails. Instead of the baseball bat seen in that game, however, she decided to go with a classic blow-up version of the vintage-style hammer. Interesting choice!

This incarnation is a lot more like the Harley of the comics world since the New 52. Subdued red and black, with an impressively sized mallet. Bonus points for the rollerskates too!

Lastly is Bombshell Harley Quinn, done in body paint by the very talented Rachel Hollon. Follow her on Instagram for even more awesome cosplays! Not only does she nail the costume’s look especially with the goggles, but her face is that classic pale white we all know and love.

Who wore it best? Sound off in the comments!


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