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SDCC 2017: Hasbro unveils its new Marvel Legends figures

A look at the Marvel Legends figures to come.

Based on Hasbro’s toy reveals at this year’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, fans of the highly detailed Marvel Legends line have a lot to be excited about in the months ahead. Take a look at the pictures from the convention floor and Hasbro panel we snapped and, uh… start putting some money aside for these since they’re sure to put a dent in your wallet!That very Jim Lee 12″ Wolverine is a must-own for ’90s X-Men fans! Sure hope they shrink it down and make a 6″ version for their next X-Men line.Another Ghost Rider? This guy can’t keep an ongoing series afloat, but someone must be buying his toys because we keep getting new Ghost Rider sculpts. Still, looks cool if you’re into him. Plus, Marvel Legends staff pointed out the skull can be removed from the front of the motorcycle to give it a regular motorcycle look. Sick!What an eclectic group this is. Songbird is an awesome addition to the line (Citizen-V next, please?). Spider-Punk continues Hasbro’s dedication to making toys out of all those fun Spider-Verse characters. Lasher is an interesting pick for a figure. And crazy enough, this is actually Lasher’s second action figure! Finally, Gwenpool, which was inevitable, but comes with some fantastic accessories like a penguin backpack, hands that form a heart, and a cell phone.These figures may no longer be mint, but this is a pretty cool scene!Has there ever been a better time to be Rob Liefeld? That is a pretty great rendition of his classic Cable, though. Looks like more classic X-Force takes on Deadpool and Domino.Deathlok, another character who keeps getting action figures. What decade is this again?X-Force X-23 – but where’s the 6″ All-New Wolverine look?Another must-buy for Marvel completists – Black Bolt in his classic costume. The Kirby crackle effect looks amazing!A pretty solid, classic Namor. Marvel may not want to publish Fantastic Four comics but Hasbro is helping you complete your FF toy collection.

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Speaking of which, fans in the panel lost their minds when a Mr. Fantastic toy was revealed who will come with alternate arms. One set of arms are normal, the other is stretchy!

Mysterio – yes! This one better be easy to find in stores because it looks like the best Mysterio toy ever created with those feet smoke effects.There have been a lot of Lizard figures, but this one looks pretty good. Also, hopefully, it will stand without falling down (an issue with older Lizard toys).A comic-style Apocalypse? What, Hasbro doesn’t want to recreate Bryan Singer’s Apocalypse in toy form? This BAF comes out in late fall 2018.

In a surprise reveal, Hasbro pulled out the actual 4 pack box featuring the Defenders in their classic superhero costumes. People attending the panel were allowed to handle the box, which has some fantastic comic cover style art on the front and a typical fantastic photo of the toys on the back. This one comes out late November 2017!

Annnd, some more Deadpool…Yep, more Deadpool. These two will be sitting on shelves for a very long time. Enjoy, Toys ‘R’ Us!

The panel ended with a few teases as Hasbro is keeping the Black Panther reveals for conventions later in the year. That said, they did show this image which does give some idea of what that line will offer.

And what would 2018 be without another Thanos toy to add to your collection? The panelists made the point that the gauntlet is a new element (though previous iterations have had it), which made us wonder if this gauntlet would offer something different like sound or light effects.

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