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Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #25 Review

With the Yellow Lantern Corps calling for the head of Tomar Tu, it’s up to Hal, John and the crew to prevent all out war between the two groups.

With the Yellow Lantern Corps calling for the head of Tomar Tu, it’s up to Hal, John and the crew to prevent all out war between the two groups. With two armies of space monsters bearing rings that allow them to create literally anything their imaginations can come up with, you’d expect there to be a ton of insane action! Well, about that…

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So the build to the inevitable conflict between the Sinestro and Green Lantern Corps has taken a few twists and turns. Tomar Tu killed his yellow doppleganger, Romar Ru; Kyle Rayner was blindsided by an unknown assailant and branded with the symbol of the yellow power battery; and Soranik Natu learned she wasn’t the only living heir to the Sinestro line. With several yellow lanterns clamoring for vengeance and Rayner’s attacker being revealed as the aforementioned Natu herself, it looks like things are about to come to blows and we’ll get the payoff for these building hostilities. Enter John Stewart.

As soon as the fracas begins the third best Green Lantern from Earth reveals that when they built the yellow lantern power battery he made sure to build within it a failsafe. Yep, within the first moments of the battle Stewart utters a single codeword and de-powers the entire Sinestro Corps. It’s one of those story elements that makes a TON of sense if we’re to look at things from a realism standpoint, but for a reader looking for an action-packed conflict between the two rival squads, it’s a little weak. I’m not sure which side of the line I find myself on, but the novelty of the idea isn’t lost on me, so I suppose I’m for it – even if it is a touch anticlimactic.

Afterwards, Tomar Tu asks that his ring be given to another Xudarian, several yellow lanterns who weren’t entirely down with the whole “rule by fear” thing defect to the emerald ensemble, and a barely breathing Sinestro returned to his homeworld of Qward to discover there may still be some juice in his ring.

From a story perspective this was an ok issue. I’ve been out of the GL game for a while, but I don’t recall Kyle being such a pushover, nor Hal being quite so casual. Still it’s a decent read for a quick pick up, but I can imagine invested readers being a little let down by this relatively quick resolution to a simmering storyline.

From an art standpoint, Ethan Van Sciver’s pencils are a mixed bag. Occasionally his body modeling is really off (check out the odd biology on Hal in the opening page), his posing can be pretty weird (just what the hell is Soranik doing with her hands at the top of page 21), and some of his faces are a little wonky (It’s more like of all of them). That being said, for the amount of weird crap an artist is asked to handle on a Lantern book, he does a decent job depicting all the humanoids, robots and gorillas that the job entails.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #25 Review
Is it good?
A little bit of a let down, but altogether a decent read. Hopefully there will be a more interesting payoff coming further down the line.
The Good
Clever ploy by John Stewart here.
Decent set up for Sinestro's return.
The Bad
The art is clunky at times, at least when it comes to the human form and face.
It's sort of an anticlimactic finish for the building tension between the Yellow and Green Lantern corps.

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