Nintendo Switch bundle with Splatoon 2 – on sale at Gamestop for 8/1 delivery


If you’re still in the hunt for the most elusive of gaming consoles, Gamestop has stock RIGHT NOW, that you can scoop up for an 8/1 delivery: Gamestop Neon Switch with Splatoon 2 Bundle

Red and Blue is the only Switch for me.

Now, this is not like some of Gamestop’s past bundles, where for $600 dollars you get a Switch, a game, a life size statue of Ganondorf, etc. You get the Red and Blue joycon console, and the addictive as hell Splatoon 2, at what you’d pay for them at retail. That’s it.

Good hunting, and if you grab one, make sure to send me your friend code so we can ink the town purple.