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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – July 2017

POP captures the best panels with the most purpose every month. Here is our 7th chapter in the 2017 saga!

It’s the end of July, the heat is on if you live in the U.S. and the comics world is even hotter. With summer events midway through their arcs (most of them anyway) and new series sprouting hither and thither there’s plenty of great art and stories to swallow up. Leave it to us to pick our favorite panels and pages from the month of July, with many coming from Marvel, DC, and Image Comics (Dark Horse got one too!). Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Shaolin Cowboy #4

Written and drawn by Geof Darrow
Publisher Dark Horse Comics

Dave: Dog-knife-nunchucks may be the craziest and coolest thing ever!

Cam: Ha! Finally the ASPCA gets a taste of its own medicine! (Just kidding, they do great work.)

Cam: But also, is that guy in the 2nd panel holding a Pikachu plushie? Is that part of the story?

Dog: It’s full of thumbtacks and vinegar.

Iron Fist #5

Written by Ed Brisson | Art by Mike Perkins
Publisher Marvel Comics

Dave: Why can’t Iron Fist TV be as cool as Iron Fist comics?

Brian: I… came to a complete stop. Why are you hitting me?

Cam: Oh dip. That’s bringing back all sorts of Brubaker/Aja feels

Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #3

Written and drawn by Jim Mahfood | Colors by Justin Stewart
Published by Image Comics

Dave: Did they blow up the Twitter headquarters at the center? If they did, awesome!

Dog: But now how will we turn what would normally be a two-minute conversation into a two-hour misunderstanding over truncated phrasing?

Cam: I think it says “Bank” on the side? And the bird with a hat on is just there for the ride?

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #24

Written by Robert Venditti | Art by Ethan Van Sciver
Published by DC Comics

Dave: I didn’t know Green Lanterns can turn your skin into soup. Always wear your seatbelt, kids.

Dog: So that’s how the dinosaurs died. For once, it really WAS aliens!

Jason: Who do I complain to about this gross misuse of onomatopoeia? Fwkash? No, I don’t think so.

Brian: There are so many S’s in that effect. He’s melting under their power.

Green Arrow #26

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Jamal Campbell
Published by DC Comics

Dave: Not only is this gross, but isn’t it impossible? Flash would have to spend thousands of dollars a day eating. Unless he steals?

Cam: Yeah, that’s always something offhandedly referenced, established while “testing the limits of the powers,” or used as a plot point, but like… 50 times his weight. So like, if he’s 150 pounds, that’s 7,500 pounds of food a day. Apparently, an adult elephant eats about 500-600 pounds and spends 12-18 hours doing it. And all that enters has to exit…

Liam: Advice for all future Flash writers: he’s already super fast. You don’t have to try and impress us by having him eat the equivalent of a Hummer every day.

Avengers #9

Written by Mark Waid | Art by Mike Del Mundo
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: So Thor is trying this alien’s food and it’s not sitting well. I just love his expression and her waterfall of puke. Haha!

Brian: Thor, who is American under all that helmet, understands Cricket? Most unbelievable thing in this comic.

Jason: Fossil fuel? Is she talking about all those awesome coal jobs we’re supposed to be getting in the next few years?

Dog: Well, they are equally mythical.

Youngblood #3

Written by Chad Bowers | Art by Jim Towe
Publisher Image Comics

Dave: Just keep telling yourself, “This is not a Lobo knock off, this is not a Lobo knock off!”

Brian: It’s spelled “Wulf” because spelling things right is for squares!

Cam: Now, I didn’t read this, but is this guy taken seriously? Does anyone call him out for his ridiculous name? Please tell me someone did.

Jason: Like most of his “original” creations, Liefeld created Bloodwulf specifically as a parody of Lobo, and didn’t even hide that fact in the Darker Image one-shot where he debuted (fun fact, that one-shot also saw the debut of the Maxx and Deathblow) or the series it spawned. And no, no one except for Liefeld has ever taken the character seriously.

Spider-Men II #1

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by Sara Pichelli and Justin Ponsor
Publisher Marvel Comics

Dave: Let’s be honest, they’re all for yourself, Peter.

Brian: Spider-Man has become meta-self-aware.

Dog: Are they… hovering? Lot of thermal updrafts in Midtown this summer, I guess.

Old man Logan #26

Written by Ed Brisson | Art by Mikek Deodato Jr.
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: I know Wolverine can take a pounding, but Old Man Logan? This might take a few days on the walker to recover from.

Dog: Must be enough lead in his body at this point for the EPA to declare him a Superfund site.

Jason: I’m most impressed by his seemingly bulletproof pants.

Green Lanterns #27

Written by Sam Humphries | Art by Ronan Cliquet
Published by DC Comics

Dave: Science nerds on staff, is this accurate?! This is Earth 10 billion years ago.

Dog: The Earth is only 4.6 billion years old. At least she didn’t say 6,000.

Jason: It’s just a comic, you guys. Not everything is realistic. I mean look, the Earth isn’t even flat in this picture.

Cam: God bless Dave Sharpe and his lettering. What an amazing, over the top bubble for “We’re lost in time, too!?” Real Classic Comics stuff

Defenders #3

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by David Marquez
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: David Marquez draws shadows like the Big Bang makes universes.

Cam: Aw, he was moments away from the big reveal: THE FLASH IS COTTONMOUTH’S FINANCIER! After all the money spent on thousands of pounds of food, he still has some left over to fuel a bid for the New York criminal underworld! #headcannon

Dog: The city can rest easy now that the Punisher has dispensed of the Lo Mein Vaudeville gang.

Winnebago Graveyard #2

Written by Steve Niles | Art by Alison Sampson
Published by DC Comics

Brian: We need some of that sweet Big Belly Burger from the Flash panel.

Dave: Satanists always know the best spots for a good blood moon shot.

Dog: Since it’s slowly spiralling away, that’s probably what the Moon looked like to the dinosaurs. Someone inform the Green Lanterns.

Edge of Venomverse #2

Written by Christopher Hastings | Art by Irene Strychalski
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: My favorite is Gwen-om.

Jason: Now call me close-minded if you must, but this rampant combination of characters is the stupidest, most fanfictiony bullshit that modern comics keeps trying.

Dog: Note to self: Return Hero Mashers before Jason’s birthday.

Rocket #3

Written by Al Ewing | Art by Adam Gorham
Published by Marvel Comics

Dave: The genius of this fourth wall breaking moment is that the credits page earlier in the book DOESN’T have the writer and artist listed. Rad!

Dog: Too bad Fishface William Howard Taft isn’t listening.

Jason: Also looks like the guy cosplaying Frieza’s third form in the top left corner is similarly disinterested.

Batgirl Birds of Prey #12

Written by Julie Benson and Shawna Benson | Art by Roge Antonio
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Roge Antonio draws a really good Catwoman who is elegant, but also very muscular.

Dog: Nice juxtaposition of light and dark by the colorist, too.

Defenders #3

Written by Brian Michael Bendis | Art by David Marquez
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Every hero needs a back-breaking moment.

Brian: We have made it to peak wanna-be-Batman.

Cam: Note to self: reinforce spine of super suit….

Liam: Still kinder than the critical response to Iron Fist’s Netflix series.

Dark Days: The Casting

Written by Scott Sndyer and James Tynion IV | Art by John Romita Jr.
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Batman vs. Amphitrion, who ya got!? Also, Greek nerds, I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be a “y” in there!

Dog: Soooo close to Arctic Assault Batman. One step away from coming with a luge accessory.

Cam: Was WW previously established to be anywhere nearby? Because otherwise, it’s kinda amazing that she just appears with a flaming sword that shoots… lasers? And just like, “oh ho hoo! Silly Batman, silly Amphitrion. Just talk it out!”

Green Arrow #27

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Stephen Byrne
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Fact: Comics don’t show off how powerful Wonder Woman is enough. Damn!

Dog: Stop watching InfoWars, Diana. Plastic Man isn’t running a meth ring out of a Chuck E. Cheese’s, either.

Jason: If Gal Gadot would do this to Stephen Amell, I may actually start watching Arrow again.

Ultimates 2 #9

Written by Al Ewing | Art by Travel Foreman
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Liam: I’m certain that someone out there is into living planets.

Dog: The Heavy Bombardment phase of Ego’s solar system formation was a swinging time, cats.

Jason: “Dad, what is context, and why does it matter?” “Well, son….”


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