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Unboxing/Review: X-Men Deadpool One:12 Mezco SDCC exclusive action figure

The Mezco SDCC exclusive X-Men Deadpool is incredibly unique. We unbox and review!

As toy manufacturers continue to make more and more Deadpool figures (we reported from SDCC that Marvel Legends is pumping out two more next year!) it’s getting harder to get a unique Deadpool. Enter Mezco Toys, who introduced the X-Men Deadpool at Comic-Con International: San Diego this year! We got our hands on this gorgeous blue and yellow figure, which comes with some excellent accessories and a stand too. Check out our full unboxing and review below!

As you can see, we really liked this figure and the accessories put it over the top for us. It has way more accessories than Miles Morales and a lot more detail put into the figure too. The gun, including a clip with a bullet in it, is a nice touch. Overall we were floored by this toy and its uniqueness makes it a showstopper for any collection.

Unfortunately, this toy is on waitlist at Mezco, but you can pay extra to get it right now from select stores on Amazon.

If you liked this toy review, make sure to check out our other SDCC exclusive toy review of the Miles Morales Spider-Man from Mezco!

X-Men Deadpool
Is it good?
What a great toy! This is a must buy for Deadpool fans who like something a little different.
Excellent detail on the accessories and body armor
The head sculpts are very detailed and look realistic
The stand is super cool
Good movement and very posable
There's no silly head sculpt or any silly accessories
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