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Boston Comic Con 2017

The best video game-related cosplay we saw at Boston Comic Con 2017

There was a lot of awesome gaming cosplay at Boston Comic Con 2017. Here are some of our favorites.

AiPT! attended Boston Comic Con over the weekend and one of our biggest takeaways was the incredible amount of talented cosplayers in attendance. We took tons of pictures and met so many friendly cosplayers that were nice enough to let us feature their hard work. We’ve had to create three separate posts to ensure we could feature all the pictures we took. In this gallery our focus is to feature all the gaming cosplayers we met. Enjoy!

The first cosplay I saw. The dragon becomes me!

Silent Hill vs Jason. Hard to decide who comes out on top here.


There was a note on this Spartan’s back: “If found, please return to Cortana.”

Do I even need to say anything? OK, he even had his music playing!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

The cutest little Mei I ever did see.

Crossplay cosplay done right!

Fus Ro Dah!

Has anyone seen Geralt and Yennifer?

I died laughing immediately on seeing this gentleman. Bravo sir

Friends again?

It’s high noon!

Vonne Bittercup! Amazing tattoos. Amazing cosplay. Super friendly! 10/10

Hey listen!

Cosplay squad goals.

Someone call the undertaker.

Great smile and a great cosplay.

I should have left a tip.

I never saw him coming.

Just plain awesome #mercmarios

Move along, no deadly virus to see here.

If a photograph of you is featured here, please comment with your social media information and we’ll be happy to tag you.


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