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Boston Comic Con 2017

The best film and television-related cosplay we saw at Boston Comic Con 2017

Some of our favorite cosplays from the world of film and television at Boston Comic Con.

AiPT! attended Boston Comic Con over the weekend and one of our biggest takeaways was the incredible amount of talented cosplayers in attendance. We took tons of pictures and met so many friendly cosplayers that were nice enough to let us feature their hard work. We’ve had to create three separate posts to ensure we could feature all the pictures we took. In this gallery our focus is to feature all the film and television cosplayers we met. Enjoy!

No one’s getting past this guy to his Queen

The probability of this cosplayer doing amazing things? It’s high. It’s very high.

As she walked away stakes and crucifixes fell out of her bag

Keep screaming “RANGERS!”

Told me Ivan Ooze isn’t really that tough

Oh the feels. How I loved this show growing up. What a great cosplay!

They kept telling me to be patient, all will be revealed in four months

Adorable Poké-family

These guys were hilarious

The Empire is recruiting them younger and younger these days

You will be sent to a planet so mysterious, no one has even heard of it!

I stole this from that kid Ash, right in front of his family!

Nailed it


I think these two could possibly be related (Jon Snow – @passthenachos Khaleesi – @yarathepirate)


So much epic in one photo

Warning: All princesses should avoid

Trustworthy, friendly and all around nice guys

Hail to the king, baby. #mercmarios


No I haven’t seen Lord Vader and no I haven’t left my post

Who doesn’t love them some black leather? Watch out Kate, you got competition

Struggled mightily to breath during this photo

Destro has been upgraded.
(Destro – @redboykliq twitter. Cobra Femme Trooper – @Flaca729)

If a photograph of you is featured here, please comment with your social media information and we’ll be happy to tag you.


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