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The Power of the Dark Crystal #6 Review

Spurrier and Johnson capture the gentleness, deviousness, innocence, and mysticism of the original.

Lore is a big part of the lives of the diverse peoples of Thra. Stories handed down from generation to generation, sometimes altered or embellished to make a point. Stories to teach respect, patience, and understanding. The young ones sit and listen intently to these awesome tales. The slightly older ones begin to doubt the story’s origin and/or its significance. The elders speak the words with meaning and reflection. But what lies beneath these fireside tales? They are meant to teach yes, but are they true? The tale of the lake of tears is one such legend that while dismissed by some, may hold a great deal of significance for Kensho and Thurma. Are they the fire and ice that are meant to be?

Kensho and Thurmas have reunited in this latest installment of The Power of the Dark Crystal. In knightly fashion Kensho sweeps in on his white horse (record scratch) — I mean white flying serpent, to save Kensho from Chamberlains gnarled clutches. They fly away but not too far because for some reason this massive beast cannot carry the weight of slight Kensho and tiny Thurma. Considering Thurma is meant to be made of flame I cannot imagine she weighs very much. It is upon landing that we meet Kensho’s mother, Kolba. Kolba is wise, patient and kind. She cites lore more than once to ease both Kensho and Thurma about decisions made. The theme of two parts of a whole are driven home again hinting that these two young ones are a part of something bigger.

There is a scene where Thurma is out of eyesight and she over hears Kensho speaking to his mother. Kensho divulges a secret he has been keeping that upsets Thurma. Of course she only sticks around long enough to hear the damning part and not the remorse Kensho feels. This scene felt a bit cliché to me. It is necessary to divulge what has happened to the crystal and move the story along I suppose, but I felt it could have been written differently.

Back at the castle Aughra is as snarky as ever. I just love her! Only Aughra can refer to the Mystics as “Old Windbags”. The Mystics are crooning and the Crystalline Eminence is scheming. I knew we couldn’t trust that snake from day one. Ha! He is not even as tall as he appears.

When I was at San Diego Comic Con a few weeks back perusing the floor, I briefly chatted with one of The Power of the Dark Crystal writers, Phillip Kennedy Johnson. Johnson is a total Dark Crystal fan. We geeked out about the new series for a few minutes and he told me he is excited to be a part of the team that is bringing this new chapter of the to life. Spurrier and Johnson continue to impress with their interpretation of Pearce, Duffy and Odell’s screenplays. They have captured the gentleness, deviousness, innocence and mysticism of all the characters. I am quite enjoying exploring new areas of Thra that we have never seen before as well as the new creatures. Tumby is a great example. He is a cute, turtle like creature with tendrils that will strike if he feels threatened. I also enjoyed the Mystics’ flying serpent creature with its many set of wings despite its inability to carry passengers.

Let’s not forget about the art. Kelly and Nichole Matthews turn out some beautiful pages. The movement of Kensho’s flying scenes and the lighting around the crystal in the palace were stand outs in this issue.

Is It Good?

Spurrier and Johnson more than adequately capture the gentleness, deviousness, innocence, and mysticism of the original.

The Power of the Dark Crystal #6
Is it good?
“When the mind is unclear, listen to the heart.”
Skeksi schemes
Aughra’s snarky-ness
Discovering more of Thra
Cliché scene of overhearing something partially
Massive serpent cannot transport two little beings

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