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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – August 2017

In our 8th installment of Panels of Purpose, we reflect on the best panels of the month!

We’re getting into the last dregs of summer, but that doesn’t mean the comic scene gets any more boring. Summer events like Secret Empire are winding down, but DC Comics Metal has kicked into gear and Marvel Legacy is around the corner. We’ve collected all the best and most striking panels from August 2017 for your viewing pleasure and based by these fantastic images we’re in for even more great comics for the rest of this year.

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All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #8

Written by Gerry Duggan | Art by Marcus To
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dog: Don’t give Funko any ideas, Gerry.

Dave: In all honesty, putting Rocket into that pouch would make more sense than running away from explosions. Those tiny legs can’t possibly run as fast as the others!

Alyssa: Man, Get Fuzzy has taken a very strange turn over the years.

Batman/Shadow #5

Written by Scott Snyder & Steve Orlando | Art by Riley Rossmo
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: I need that in action figure form!

Alyssa: “I am the night” isn’t quite as effective when you have created a lighted landing strip up your uniform.

Dog: Yeah, the new OSHA rules for overnight crime-fighting are pretty restrictive. It was either this or put a dome light on the cowl.

Brian: Now that Batman wears his reflectors, he is safe to jog the streets of Gotham at night. Safety first, kids.

Green Arrow #29

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Juan Ferreyra
Publisher: DC Comics

Cam: Guys, enough with the “dead parents” measuring contest.

Brian: It’s funny because his parents are dead.

Lisa: Dead parents aside, the artwork is quite good. I particularly like how they combined the batwing symbol with the green arrows. Nice movement and contrasting color as well.

Dave: I just love the symmetry. So much. The use of bow and arrow to frame the bottom panel is icing on the cake.

Superman #29

Written by Keith Champagne | Art by Doug Mahnke
Publisher: DC Comics

Lisa: Note to self, never eat from the Daily Planet food truck before a battle.

Dave: So that’s how Superman looks so ripped. Bulimia!

Alyssa: The hentai is strong with this one.

Jason: Seriously, though. What is that viscous liquid Parallax is leaving on supes? Do I even want to know?

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #11

Written by Jon Rivera | Art by Michael Avon Oeming (Nick Filardi on colors)
Publisher: DC Comics

Cam: “Jeez, and I thought Batman and Green Arrow were having a dick measuring contest!”

Dave: I think we can all agree the facial expressions on the characters at the bottom reflect our own.

Jason: So we’re all assuming that dude in the high-collared jacket is maxing out the zoom on that robot eye, right?

Secret Empire #8

Written by Nick Spencer | Art by Daniel Acuna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: You know it’s an awesome spell when Doctor Strange throws the horns.

Alyssa: We thought Texas fans were obnoxious before…

Dog: Funny, given the imagery, I assumed he was just listening to a nonstop loop of Gamma Ray and Virgin Steele.

Brian: “Succumbed to the Darkness” is the name of my Stephen Strange-themed metal band that only covers Incubus songs.

The Flash #28

Written by Joshua Williamson | Art by Carmine Di Giandomenico
Publisher: DC Comics

Dog: See the universe-spanning, symbiote speedster FLASH-OM in Venomverse #1, on sale soon!

Cam: This somewhat ancillary to the panels at hand, but why does anyone think they can get away with any “fast vehicle” related crime any more? Like, there are a STAGGERING number of Flash issues that open on him racing a getaway car and handily defeating it. Why aren’t villains picking up on the trend?

Dave: The bullets turn to ash so does that mean if I throw a good cut of meat at him at the right speed I could have the perfect cook?

Jason: “So guys…are we married to the name ‘Road Reapers?” Like I get it, we are a mobile gang, but do we need to sound like the new bad guys in a Go-Bots cartoon?”

Extremity #6

Written and art by Daniel Johnson
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Little does the guy on the left who is being eviscerated know, he’s going to be a shoe very shortly.

Dog: What’s with that ground surface? It looks like they’re kicking bricks down a bowling alley.

Nick Fury #5

Written by James Robinson | Art by ACO
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Cam: Infinity Formula is a hell of a drug

Dave: I could stare at this for hours. What an awesome four-page spread.

Jason: Why aren’t more people reading this book again?

Dog: Gangster clown-induced PTSD?

Darth Vader #4

Written by Charles Soule | Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Lisa: Epic water-front dance battle. Takes La Reve to a whole new level.

Dave: Battle damaged Darth Vader is a toy we all should have in our collections!

Jason: Either Anakin’s burns turned his leg into wrinkly brain matter, or dude may want to think of waxing that curly thigh hair if he’s going to be rocking shorts in the future.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #26

Written by Robert Venditti | Art by Rafa Sandoval
Publisher: DC Comics

Brian: I bet Lemmy woke up the same way every morning after a Jack Daniels bender. Metal!

Dog: Sorry, this is the guy clearly listening to Gamma Ray. He’s covered in the stuff.

Jason: I refuse to accept a culture that differentiates night sleep and day sleep.

Detective Comics #962

Written by James Tynion IV | Art by Alvaro Martinez
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: VR is gonna be wicked in the future.

Dog: I’m glad to see Bat-Akira made it into the “Metal” storyline. Jesus, that’s creepy.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #13

Written by Shawna Benson and Julie Benson | Art by Roge Antonio
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Poison Ivy can control bees know and I’m over here like, “Where’s Nicolas Cage?!”

Dog: DC is obviously pissed they were beaten to the Nazi bee-body man by Marvel’s Swarm. Bee-blowing eco-terrorist just doesn’t measure up, though.

Totally Awesome Hulk #22

Written by Greg Pak | Art by Robert Gill
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Wall running like a champ. Damn!

Dog: Maaaan, I’m getting a serious X-Men Origins: Wolverine vibe here. Probably not what the creators (or anyone) wanted.

Action Comics #985

Written by Rob Williams | Art by Guillem March
Publisher: DC Comics

Brian: “Oh, oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I completely forgot. I’ll just come in again.”

Dave: Superman needs to take a chill pill!

Jason: To be fair, he is using his outside voice outside.

Batman #28

Written by Tom King | Art by Mikel Janín
Publisher: DC Comics

Jason: Today. Have I made that clear? Today is when it ends. Today. If we’re at all unsure of the approximate time frame for when it ends, the answer is today. Don’t even look for it tomorrow. Because it’ll be gone…because it already ended. (Today)

Cam: On another derailment of why we have this page, I just want to point out the value of good lettering by way of contrast. I can not escape how WEIRD AND CLUNKY all of those onomonopias are. The “Pow”s just like are all I can look at on this page. I’m sure yall want to talk about this cool fight scene, but all I can see is Batman being tapped lightly in the face by Deadshot’s boot.

Brian: Can we talk about that cheesecake shot in the first panel? I think Bruce is upset about all the attention Nightwing’s posterior gets.

Dave: Batman 3: Babysitter was a good, but not great threequel.

David H.: Batman has had enough of sharing his Netflix account without anyone chipping in

Generations: Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor #1

Written by Jason Aaron | Art by Mahmud Asrar
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Hot damn what an awesome shot. Bow down to the Thors Apocalypse!

Dog: Two Thors, the mad, manipulative demigod, and a giant, pissed-off goat. Where’s my poster, Mondo?

Green Lanterns #28

Written by Sam Humphries | Art by Eduardo Pansica
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: In Russia, power ring kill you.


Dog: At least Stilt-Man survived.

Green Arrow #28

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Juan Ferreyra
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: Lex Luthor is so smart his power of observation kills it on first dates.

Dog: Holy s--t, he’s totally negging Green Arrow. Billionaire businessman and pick-up artist.

Secret Empire #9

Written by Nick Spencer | Art by Leinil Francis Yu
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Every Mortal Kombat game needs to somehow integrate this level of insane action!

Jason: I’ve always wondered what the point of punching a robot is. If you’re super strong like Cage or Hulk I get it. But Star Lord? What is he gaining here?

Dog: The situation is so desperate, Hydra Cap had to call in the G.I. Joe red laser planes!

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