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Did you see Marvel’s “Inhumans” in IMAX this weekend? Neither did anyone else.

Lockjaw alone, apparently, could not save everyone’s interest.

The long-awaited(?) debut of the odd, archaic Royal Family is here, presented to the American public in an odd, archaic(?) format. But does anyone really care about Inhumans in IMAX?

Apparently not. According to Deadline, while projected to make $2 million at the box office this weekend, the first two episodes of the ABC television event series only pulled in $360,000 on Friday, adjusting its overall expected haul down to just $1.28 million.

Maybe if Medusa’s hair moved more? I bet that would have fixed it.

What could have gone wrong? It’s not like Inhumans was a shaky property better left as guest-stars than headliners that was shoved down fandom’s throats by a bitter, penny-pinching billionaire, shot quickly on a low budget with no real idea of where a lead actor who doesn’t speak and his counterpart with super wriggly hair that doesn’t actually move much would fit into the greater universe or in any kind of plan whatsoever.

A truly baffling disappointment. As strange and curious a happenstance as the Inhumans themselves! The first two episodes of Inhumans can be seen in IMAX for only two weeks, before the eight-episode series begins on ABC on September 29, starting with, yes, the first two episodes. For free. WITH extra footage not seen in IMAX.



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