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Super Mario Run seems to have disappeared from the App Store

UPDATE: It’s back.

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first, mostly successful attempt to bring their flagship mascot to a hardware platform not created by themselves, appeared to vanish from Apple’s App Store earlier today. Nintendo has not made any statement regarding the disappearance. Run is still available on Android’s Google Play store, however, so it doesn’t appear to be a permanent removal.

As there has been no official announcement from Nintendo, the reason behind pulling Super Mario Run is unknown. However, eagle-eyed fans noted the game received a small update to version 3.03 this morning before being abruptly pulled. This means that the most likely reason is the obvious one: there was some sort of critical error in the 3.03 build of the game on iOS, causing Nintendo to pull the game entirely to prevent broken versions of the game from propagating any further. Until we hear from Nintendo on this matter, though, any reasoning is purely speculation.

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Super Mario Run was released worldwide on iPhone and iPad devices in December 2016, with an Android release coming the following March. The game is a vastly different experience than traditional side-scrolling Mario games, as running happens automatically and users only need to tap the screen to initiate a jump. It’s pretty easy to blow through the levels, but the real challenge comes in the deceptively complex level design if you decide to try to collect every coin and 100% every level.

Update: With no fanfare or explanation, Super Mario Run has reappeared on the App Store. Crisis averted.


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