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The Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1: Unstoppable! Review

If you’ve been on the fence about Wasp getting her own series, read this collection and thank me later.

Okay, so there’s something that I must get off my chest before reviewing this book. Prior to reading this collection, I was one of those readers that couldn’t understand why Wasp needed — or deserved for that matter — her own series. I saw Nadia Pym as a supporting character who, even if given the chance, wasn’t interesting enough to stand on her own feet in a solo series worthy of being read. And then, I read the first few pages of this collection, and it all made sense. I was wrong.

What’s The Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1: Unstoppable! About? From the publisher:

Nadia spent the entire first half of her life a captive of the Red Room, but now this teenage super scientist is spreading her wings! Hank Pym’s daughter has a lot of time to make up for, and she’s determined to change the world. With Jarvis at her side, she’s on a mission to bring together the brightest girl geniuses of the Marvel Universe – starting with Lunella Lafayette, the miraculous Moon Girl! But Nadia didn’t count on evil scientists, man-eating giant rats or Devil Dinosaur – or the lethal lady wrestlers known as the Grapplers! And even as Nadia’s recruiting drive continues, the Red Room is on her trail – and they’ll pull out all the stops to get her back! Can the geniuses of G.I.R.L. find a way to save Nadia from being dragged back to the bunker?

The Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1: Unstoppable! Collects The Unstoppable Wasp #1-4 as well as issue #14 of All-New, All-Different Avengers, and as a whole, this collection is one of the more entertaining ones that I have I read in some time.

Really, it only takes writer Jeremy Whitley a handful of pages to convince the reader that they’re in for a treat. Quickly, it becomes obvious the Nadia Pym is brimming with life and energy and that certain something that makes her irresistible. She’s fun and quirky and the kind of character that it’s impossible not to root for. From panel to panel, Whitley’s writing had me falling for Pym more and more, until finally, I was a true believer and realized the error of my ways.

Elsa Charretier’s artwork is fabulous and fits perfectly with Whitley’s script. Her slick and simple illustrations are accented by Megan Wilson’s lively color work, and as a whole, the first four issues of this collection are pure eye candy.

Despite being well-written and well-illustrated, the All-New, All-Different Avengers issue felt somewhat out of place in this collection. But, I understand why it was included and think that it adds to the overall appeal of this book.

If you’ve been on the fence about Wasp getting her own series, read this collection and thank me later.

The Unstoppable Wasp Vol. 1: Unstoppable!
Is it good?
I wasn't sure that Nadia Pym was interesting enough of a character to have her own series, but man did this collection make a believer out of me.
Excellent characterization and character development
Artwork that fits perfectly
A strong and quirky leading lady
The Avengers issue feels a bit out of place

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