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HASCON 2017: James Gunn teases the future of Marvel Cosmic Universe

The latest Guardians of the Galaxy news, straight from writer-director James Gunn himself at HASCON 2017.

The Marvel: Spotlight on James Gunn panel at HASCON 2017 just wrapped and he had some news during the fan question-and-answer session that’s sure to interest Guardians of the Galaxy fans.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the last iteration of this team of Guardians. The new characters we meet in Vol. 3 (not many, but they will be new) will go on to grow over time. Ultimately, the next Guardians film will plant seeds that will bloom into the wider Marvel Cosmic Universe.

Beyond Vol. 3, Gunn will continue his role at Marvel Studios as the shepherd of the Cosmic Marvel Universe – creating the films that will populate the next Marvel Studios phase.Vol. 3, like the first and second volume, will have its own unique look. And we will continue to learn more about Rocket’s history. And Gunn promises it will be “a little more horrible” than what we saw in the Marvel comics.

As for new characters in Vol. 3 – Adam Warlock, “don’t rule it out,” Gunn said after a short silence. Vance Astro? The odds there are “not great,” he told one fan, as the sequel’s treatment is done.

Look for a full recap of the Marvel: Spotlight on James Gunn panel at HASCON 2017 later this weekend on AiPT!


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