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Unboxing/Review: HASCON-exclusive Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Force Deadpool figure

[Video] We review the HASCON exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool.

We were lucky enough to attend and report on HASCON 2017 and with it came the perk of picking up the exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool! Back at SDCC, the Marvel Legends crew revealed this and said it would be arriving later this year and finally, we have it for review!

It might be similar to the previous iteration that’s red and black, but dammit, the gray Deadpool is a must for fans of Rick Remender’s fantastic X-Force run. This toy also comes with a plethora of accessories that would make Blind Al blush.

Don’t take our word for it, though, check out our unboxing review below which offers up a detailed look at the figure, its packaging, and all its sweet accessories!



As you can see, this figure is very sweet. Not only does it come with a lot of accessories, but the mold is fantastic. The paint job is perfect and we really have nothing bad to say about this figure. Details like the bazooka “Boom!” and the green toy gun in the holster make this an incredible toy.

As you can see above, the toy is about the same height as other Deadpool action figures from other companies. The only downside I can see is the lack of alternate hands, but given how many accessories are in the package this is quite a jam-packed package.

Overall, we love this toy and think it’s a great addition to any Deadpool fan’s collection.

Marvel Legends X-Force HasCon Deadpool
Is it good?
An exceptional toy that is a must buy for Deadpool fans. The accessories are great and the mold fantastic. It stands up well even against the $80 Mezco version!
Great sculpt and paint job
Tons of accessories!
The grey looks good on Deadpool
Lacks alternate hands
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