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‘Deadpool: World’s Greatest Vol. 9: Deadpool in Space’ review: Wade Wilson’s cosmic shenanigans are some of his best

Deadpool heads into space and cosmic shenanigans ensue

Scott Adsit is in the Nova Corps.  Let me repeat that.  Scott Adsit, actor known for his work on 30 Rock, former Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., is a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Nova Corps.  Just let that one sink in if you’re not sold on how insane the world in which Deadpool resides is.

Deadpool is after a way – any way – to kill the unkillable Madcap, a villain who has threatened Pool’s family, friends, and the entire Earth.  That guy needs killing.  Since no weapon on Earth can stop him, Deadpool does what any reasonable person would do and steals a spaceship and heads to outer space in search of any whacky weapon that might do the job.

Written by Gerry Duggan, Deadpool in Space really grabs the reader with what truly makes Deadpool great: endless quips, meta-narratives, and gratuitous violence for the greater good.  There are four full pages dedicated to a “Who’s on First”-style discussion of the space station/severed floating head Knowhere where, in the far background, hilarious alien murder and giant worms are happening.  

Mix in a multi-species barfight including an infection by The Brood (tiny Deadpool mask!), the appearance of Asgardians, and a few Eternals and you’ve got a solid Deadpool adventure.  And whiplash.  Things move in this book, not taking too much time on any one scene or gag unless it is truly worth it.  The splash page featuring a currently famous MCU character before he nopes on out of the fight is completely worth it.

In the end, we see the human side of Wade Wilson, doting from afar, keeping those he cares for as safe as possible.  This is why he risks life a multiple limbs to run around the galaxy.  He’s a softie beneath that really awful exterior.  Chaotic good is still good after all.

Post-Script: The addition of the hidden covers comic is great.  Finding 20 new ways to have UPC-PO stand so the entire barcode is scannable on the cover couldn’t have been easy.  It also presented a myriad of new ways to break the 4th wall.  Clever, funny, and violent.  Like I said, Deadpool at his best.

Deadpool: World's Greatest Vol. 9: Deadpool in Space
Is it good?
Deadpool at his best.
Not enough time with Nova Adsit.

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