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‘Deadpool 2099’ review: gorgeous art, exciting action and surprising amounts of family drama

Nothing can prepare you for the Deadpool of the year 2099! Leap decades into the future to discover the legacy of the regenerating degenerate. There’s a new Merc, with a new Mouth – but who is she?

Marvel’s 2099 universe is back with Deadpool 2099. The Merc with a Mouth has passed on his Deadpool name to his daughter and although that might sound a bit campy, it actually works at times. The duo makes for the perfect love-hate father/daughter relationship. This book is filled with gorgeous art and exciting action sequences on almost every page and more than enough drama that you wouldn’t expect from a Deadpool book.

Deadpool 2099 captures the atmosphere of the 2099 universe well with tons of beautiful color and freaky creatures. Ever notice that almost anything based in the future focuses heavily on nighttime scenes? I feel like every movie or book I read where it’s the future it’s always relatively the same: Dark skies, bright colorful lights on everything, and strange creatures roaming the streets. That all being said I enjoyed the look to this book but it wasn’t something I’ve never seen before.

The story is just fine and gripping at times although seeing Wade Wilson in that light as an old man and depressed isn’t the most appealing. I understand that comes with age and at this point Wade is barely holding on but seeing him like that and not making his usual wise-cracks felt off.

Wade Wilson’s daughter Warda is a fresh new face and interesting character. She can hold her own and carry the story by herself and didn’t really need any supporting characters. I didn’t mind her taking on the name Deadpool but her character did seem to just be another version of Wade right down to the excessive amount of jokes and funny business. I would have much rather seen a brand new personality rather than basically the future female version. That being said the heel turn of Warda was a great twist that I didn’t see coming and she actually turned out to be a better villain when she turns on Wade. Deadpool suiting up and fighting Warda was over the top and fun but at times also made me sad to see Wade barely able to lift himself up.

Another major reveal is Wade’s daughter Ellie who he thought was dead was a surprise and totally changed the perspective of everything. You think you’re getting a certain story when all the sudden another integral character emerges and Wade gets off his ass to go find her. This is an emotional take from here on out and you get to see yet another degree of Deadpool. The reunited family was a fun sight to see and then the team-up was even more exciting. Old man Deadpool should definitely make a return. I wouldn’t mind the 2099 version making another appearance. Marvel needs to find come out with some more 2099 adventures and I’m happy to see that they will be in the near future. This was a great start to something that could be very exciting.

It’s very hard to take someone’s name like Deadpool and expect it to live up to the expectations. Deadpool is so loved nowadays that I feel it’s what hurt this book at times. Wade has a very unique style and sense of humor to him that makes Wade Wilson Deadpool. He’s one of a kind and almost irreplaceable so when you hear that someone else is taking up the name but also from the future it can push away a lot of readers. I absolutely love the idea of a Deadpool 2099 and it’s great to see the 2099 being used again but this wasn’t a slam-dunk. It was a fine book with fine storytelling and solid art, but nothing mind-blowing.

Deadpool 2099
Is it good?
This is a solid start of a new era of 2099 books. Not many 2099 titles can keep their hero alive after so long but it works with Deadpool and adds much more excitement to the story. Deadpool 2099 is worth picking up for Deadpool fans and fans of the 2099 era alike, chock full of Easter eggs and solid art -- but may not be anything mind-blowing for fans looking for something totally different because of the incentive of the future landscape.
Even though it felt familiar the art was very beautiful and looks exactly how it should Look in the 2099 universe.
Old Man Deadpool suiting up and fighting along side his daughter was a great team-up and at the same time you feel sad for the character since he can barely move like he used to.
Wade Wilson didn't feel like Wade Wilson as much in this book as he should have. Even after everything sort of workers out he didn't have the Deadpool feel to him most of the book

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