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New creator comic ‘Analog’ from Gerry Dugan imagines a world without a secure internet

Gerry Duggan details his new series ‘Analog’ out in Spring 2018 from Image Comics.

Best-selling writer Gerry Dugan, newcomer artist David O’Sullivan, and colorist Jordie Bellaire imagine a future not far from ours where the internet is insecure, and no one’s information is safe in the new ongoing series Analog.

Following “The Great Doxxing”, an attack on the web that released tons of private data, an ongoing worm keeps the internet insecure. Imagine your entire browser history on display, when anytime you meet someone, you can immediately find out everything about them in seconds. In this world, secrets have gone analog, put in briefcases and moved by ledgerman, “paper jockeys” as they call themselves. ANALOG follows Jack McGinness, a ledgerman who also may have had something to do with The Great Doxxing.

Surreal, funny, and scary, Analog is a near future, speculative fiction with action, romance, and laughs. Duggan says he started the idea in late 2015, but the election affected story. The story was originally an idea for a novel, but his thoughts on technology evolved as technology advanced and its effect on our world did too, so having the opportunity to react in real time to those evolutions made comics the ideal medium.

Duggan wanted to explore how differently people would react to this new reality. For example, some folks still use the internet knowing that anyone can follow their every move – live streaming sex in cars is a thing Duggan said. He was also excited to present a new take on artificial intelligence. “There is artificial intelligence in this future and it takes it personally that the internet went down,” Duggan described.

The story follows Jack, and through him we see how the entire world has been changed, Duggan said, further detailing Sullivan’s grim, but fun world with hints of brightness reflects the new reality. Every country handles the Great Doxxing differently; for example, Japan reacts even more strongly to the new analog reality, almost back to 1970s levels of technology. 70’s films were a big source of inspiration, with Duggan specifically citing Parallax View as one of his favorite films.

Creepily during this interview, the internet in the room went down. Part of Duggan’s nefarious plan? Find Analog in comic shops in Spring of 2018!


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