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Lore goes from hit podcast to Amazon TV show October 13th

Hit podcast ‘Lore’ is coming to Amazon as a TV show!

When Aaron Mahnke started the Lore podcast, not only did he have no idea it was going to blow up the way it did, he wasn’t even intending to make it an ongoing series. He started the podcast as a way to promote his self-published books. Little did he realize that a few years later Lore would not only be at the top of the iTunes charts and winning awards, but a little group named Amazon would be turning it into a tv show, produced by some of the biggest names in television.

At the Lore panel during New York Comic Con Thursday night, Kevin Smith moderated a panel with creator Aaron Mahnke, executive producer Brett-Patrick Jenkins (producer of the SyFy series Face Off), executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (best known for producing The Walking Dead), and actors Robert Patrick, Holland Roden, and Kristin Bauer Van Straten, discussing the creation of the podcast and how the show is going to try and capture what makes the podcast so compelling.

If you aren’t familiar with Lore, and if not, seriously go listen immediately, Aaron Mahnke explores how the scariest stories are true, by digging into popular myths and folklore to find the real stories beneath. From the history of lobotomies to the Salem witch trials, to the origins of werewolf mythology, Mahnke’s gentle yet compelling voice guides the listener through the darker parts of human history. Aided by haunting piano melodies composed by Chad Lawson (which Mahnke revealed he creates by winding felt around the strings of his piano), Lore has a unique and distinctive tone and is incredibly binge-able.

I think most Lore fans were unsure how the show would translate to TV since it so unique. The panel revealed that the show is going to take a mixed media approach, combining documentary-style video and photos with animated sequences and dramatic reenactments, narrated by Mahnke and scored by Chad Lawson. Mahnke commented that it was important for him to make sure that the show made Lore listeners feel comfortable, so keeping his voice and Lawson’s music was a key element to accomplish that.

The actors each commented how interesting it was to portray real people, and while it was a challenge to have such a short time to get into character, the writing and style of the show ensured that each character felt three-dimensional.

When asked what appealed to him about the subject, Mahnke said that it was fascinating that these stories reveal not how scary ghosts and goblins are, but that people themselves are the true monsters. “We use our hate as a weapon,” he commented. “We are messed up people.”

Producer Gale Anne agreed, saying that it’s “interesting commentary that we haven’t come that far. We are still marginalizing people.”

Lore will be premiering on Friday, October 13th on Amazon.


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