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Game of Thrones

‘Game of Thrones’ actors will not get scripts next season, will be fed lines via ear piece instead

“We’re not even going to get the script.”

File this one under “not The Onion”:

Game of Thrones is a really popular show. So popular that it has attracted several hacks and leaks over the course of last season alone. Reportedly, the Game of Thrones team is shooting multiple endings for next season, the series’s last, to throw would-be leakers off the scent.

Today it appears HBO’s paranoia has reached extreme levels. On a Scandinavian talk show named Skavlan, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister, revealed that actors will not be sent scripts at all. Instead, they will all be hooked up to an ear piece and get their lines fed to them, line by line.

Though it doesn’t sound like the best idea from an acting quality standpoint, it’s easy to understand HBO’s concern: Multiple episodes of last season were stolen, and the thieves demanded millions of dollars in random to return them. HBO declined to pay, and the episodes leaked on the internet days before their Sunday night airing as a result. Next season is the series finale of one of the most popular television shows of all time and a wildly popular brand, so stakes are high.

And who knows, this could all be more misdirection too. We’ll have to wait longer than usual for more answers, as season 8 has no announced release date and is not expected until 2019.

Via AP.


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