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Half Past Danger II: Dead To Reichs #2 Review

This issue gets the ball moving with plenty of action and plot progression.

Mix one part Indiana Jones with two parts dinosaurs and what do you have? Half Past Danger of course! It’s very possible Stephen Mooney’s sequel, Dead to Reichs, utilizes that recipe too, although so far there haven’t been any dinos. This issue aims to rectify that.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

The first series was fantastic, from the character expressions/acting to the awesome throwback action. The story is set during World War II and has plenty of great dialogue and surprises. The last issue was evidence of that as agent Moss magically appeared!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

I think we all know who the brains are.

With the last issue I was pretty peeved that Mooney hadn’t set up the conflict and this issue does so pretty quickly early on. Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief! The first seven or so pages of this issue are devoted to Moss explaining what her deal is while the good guys attempt hear her out without putting a bullet in her. It’s heavy on the dialogue to be sure, but Mooney does a great job drawing all the little looks and glances these characters throw as they listen to her. The choices in layout are fantastic too with one page made up of seven panels all in a cinematic widescreen to help give the book that film look and feel. Given the noir undertones of these scenes it works splendidly.

The rest of the book involves ninjas (action!), zipping around the world (adventure!) and a few surprises from old friends (mystery!). After putting this book down I had the thought that Mooney sure is good at stuffing his work with story and plot. The characters go from A to Z pretty quickly, some secrets are dropped that change the character dynamics, and there’s plenty of action too.

As I stated above, the art is top notch, particularly in how the story is unveiled on the page. The character acting continues to be on point and Mooney has a way of choreographing fights so that you’ll want to look them over two or three times.

That’s a lot of dialogue people!

It can’t be perfect can it?

I’m still a tad perturbed there’s no face to the villains yet. We get an explanation as far as what is going on which is what you might expect from a sequel. They’re doing it again, only bigger and badder! That said, the story can’t get out of its own way to show us who the bad guys are or what the plan really is and instead resorts to explanation.

Which brings us to my second gripe and that’s exposition. However well blocked the first seven pages are, they’re still all about a few characters standing in a room talking. In one full page of agent Moss we get a hell of a lot of dialogue (the word balloons take up almost half the page) and that can be quite boring. Most of this book is visually striking and good at the storytelling bits, but you can’t get around the fact the dialogue runs thick at times.

Is It Good?

This issue gets the ball moving with plenty of action and plot progression. Like the first series, Dead To Reichs has action, adventure, and mystery. Basically, it’s got it all!

Half Past Danger II: Dead To Reichs #2
Is it good?
Solid action adventure ya gotta see to believe.
Excellent pacing and character acting throughout
Gets the ball rolling with action and plot progression
Some great new dynamics are being built up!
The exposition flows greatly in the first half
Who is the bloody villain of this?!

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