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‘Thor vs. Hulk’ review: A slew of epic battles

A solid collection showcasing a slew of epic battles between Hulk and Thor.

Okay ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves, because today we’re discussing Gods and Monsters, and before you begin scratching your head, wondering where you’ve heard Gods and Monsters used as a title before, I’ll tell you this: Gods and Monsters is a film that came out in the late nineties centering around James Whale, the director behind Frankenstein. Ian McKellen and Brendan Fraser starred in this Academy Award-winning film, but that’s neither here nor there because Gods and Monsters isn’t the subject of this review–sorry for leading you on like that. Today we’re taking a look at one of Marvel’s latest collections, Thor vs. Hulk. Let’s get on with it, shall we…

What’s Thor vs. Hulk about? From the publisher:

“The God of Thunder takes on The Strongest One There Is as two Marvel Universe heavyweights clash! A rivalry for the ages begins shortly after Hulk quits the Avengers, with a test of strength between former teammates! Things escalate when the jade giant recruits powerful allies of his own, paving the way for Thor vs. Hulk to be the main event of an Avengers/Defenders War! Hammer meets fist again and again, including a journey to Hel and back, and blockbuster bouts between the Odinson and the Red Hulk! It’s god against monster, in the Mightiest Marvel Manner of all!”

Thor vs. Hulk collects Avengers (1963) #3, Sub-Mariner (1968) #35, Defenders (1972) #10, Incredible Hulk (1968) #255 and 440, Thor (1966) #385 and 489, Hulk (2008) #5-6, What If (1977) #45 and material from Journey Into Mystery (1952) #112, Incredible Hulk Annual 2001, Hulk (2008) #26.

So, what happens when two beings as powerful as Thor and Hulk clash? As far as onlookers are concerned, I am sure that watching Thor and Hulk go head-to-head is terrifying, but for us comic book aficionados who read from the safety of our parents’ basements, it’s comic book gold. Thankfully for us readers, the Odinson and Doc Green have been duking it out since the 1960s.

Thor vs. Hulk collects some fifty-six years’ worth of conflict between the two on and off again Avengers. Despite housing some modern issues too, the majority of the comics collected in this edition are from the ’60s and ’70s, so for you vintage Marvel fans, this one is definitely for you.

There are some great comics found in this collection, but my favorite clash of man and monster occurs — in some of the more modern issues — in the 2008 series of Hulk. In Issues #25-26, not only do we get to see Thor and Red Hulk battle it out, but we are also treated to a Hulk vs. Red Hulk showdown that, despite ending relatively quickly, is worth the cover price alone.

Overall, both Hulk fans and Thor fans will get a kick out of this collection as readers will be entertained regardless of whose corner they’re in.

Thor vs. Hulk
Is it good?
Thor vs. Hulk is a solid collection showcasing a slew of epic battles between Hulk and Thor. Regardless of which corner you find yourself in, Marvel fans will get their monie's worth out of this one.
Great vintage Thor/Hulk comics
Red Hulk!
I would have liked another 100 pages, but I was satisfied nonetheless

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