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Unboxing/Review: Ghost Rider Marvel sixth scale figure Hot Toys and Sideshow exclusive

We review the recently released Sideshow exclusive Ghost Rider Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D action figure made by Hot Toys!

We got our hands on one of the last Marvel Ghost Rider Marvel Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow Collectables, and boy were we impressed. The toy not only comes with a plethora of flames, two chains, plenty of hands, and a well-crafted figure, but it also lights up! Don’t believe us? Just check out our full unboxing and snap judgment review below to see it!

As you can see we were impressed with this figure. The detail on the jacket, flames, head, and accessories is out of this world. This is our first Hot Toys/Sideshow Collectable figure and this is a great start to say the least. It’s a tad bigger than any toy we’ve ever bought, but it serves as more of a centerpiece like a statue would more than anything else. We were impressed with the fact that it came with two chains and plenty of different flames to create your own scene and the light inside the head is a big reason why we were bowled over by this figure.

It’s worth noting the batteries are tricky to get into this toy and it’ll require a very tiny screwdriver to get the back open. It’s also hard to pull out this neck piece, but with a lot of force it’ll pop out. It’s a bit tricky to flip the switch on, too. If you get your finger behind the neck flames it’s possible, but it’s not the most easily accessible switch.

Those of you excited to pose this figure should know he can’t bend too much while in the jacket and jeans, but that’s due to the clothing restricting movement. That said, Ghost Rider isn’t the type of character you pose in crazy Spider-Man-esque poses so this shouldn’t be a problem.

All that said, the pros outweigh the very minor cons! Check out a full gallery below to see the figure after we unboxed it!

The Marvel Ghost Ride Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys retails for $229.99 and available for pre-order now.

Ghost Rider Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys
Is it good?
An impressive figure that should be in every Ghost Rider fan's collection!
A ton of accessories including two chains (one of which you can hook a flame!), plenty of hands, and many extra flames to be used in a variety of ways
The clothing is insanely detailed. The jacket smells like leather!
The head sculpt is out of this world. If you like flames in your action figures this might be the best ever. Plus it lights up!
The stand is sturdy
It's tricky to get into the neck piece to insert the batteries! It's also not the easiest switch to flick once the flame neck piece is added.
Not the most posable figure due to the constrictive clothing.

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