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‘Fallout 4: The Poster Collection’ contains some real gems

War never changes.

“War never changes.”

These words have meant a great deal to gamers for the past 20 years.  They introduce new chapters in the post-apocalyptic saga, Fallout.  In 2015, Bethesda released the latest incarnation, Fallout 4, which has continued to be a commercial success.  Dark Horse Comics has brought the art of Fallout 4 to life in a collection of 20 pull-out posters ready to decorate any dweller’s gaming room, shack, or personal Vault.

From the publisher:

Enjoy exotic “postwar” images of Power Armor, Deathclaws, and more–each suitable for hanging above your bunk in Sanctuary Hills with the Minutemen or in your quarters at the mysterious Institute. Every piece is printed on sturdy gallery quality stock and coated with a gloss varnish to protect and showcase the art. Whether you’re a casual fan of amazing art, or a grizzled wasteland wanderer, this poster book is sure to be a valued addition to your settlement.

The best part of the Fallout series, in my opinion, is the retro-future design of the world, including products and advertisements.  This anemoia, or nostalgia for a time one has never experienced, creates a unique world that, for twenty years, has brought fresh stories to those of us living in a parallel universe where nuclear power isn’t key to life as we know it and TV dinners won’t last through the end of the world.

In addition to the retro posters, Fallout‘s landscapes are featured prominently in the poster book, highlighting a bit of calm before the storm and those peaceful moments where the beauty of the ruins of society can be appreciated.  The final category of posters can be described as character studies, whether through paintings or ultra-accurate character renders.  In this category the book falls a bit flat for me.  No amount of sepia-toned, faux-Constitutionalist sexpot poses will convince me to put John Hancock’s melted face on my wall.  Call me anti-ghoul, but I have standards.

If you’re a fan of Fallout, there are some real gems in this book, worth the purchase.  The others you can keep in a shed somewhere waiting for the inevitable end of all things when some plucky Vault Dweller can find them and wonder about the world that was.

Fallout 4: The Poster Collection is available on Amazon for $24.99.

Fallout 4: The Poster Collection
Is it good?
Great chance to get some more retro ads and comic covers as posters
Beautiful landscapes echo in-game world
Who needs a poster of Nick Valentine?
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