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Unboxing/Review Loot Crate DX October 2017

We unbox the October 2017 Loot Crate DX!

We checked out Loot Crate DX for October 2017, which we were sure would have Halloween-themed goodies. Since this is a DX box, we were looking forward to discovering $100 worth of items from a variety of primo pop culture properties.

Check out our unboxing below to see what we got!

As you can see there are some incredible items in this box. The Stranger Things towel is not only funny but functional! The Thor travel bag is well made with some cool comic book panels within and a hammer handle to make it super handy. We’ll definitely be using that. Then we have the Ghostbusters statue which also has a humorous twist with a Karate Kid thing going on.

Overall we like this box, but we aren’t exactly bowled over either. The items are well made and certainly unique, but there’s also a tongue-in-cheek thing going on that makes it somehow a little less cool. We’re not Supernatural fans so the book’s bigger meaning is a tad lost on us, but it’s a cool book none the less. We like this box, but we aren’t in love with it. While this box certainly won’t make us lose interest in the DX brand, we hope the next one we receive really wows us!

Loot Crate DX October 2017
Is it good?
We dig the items, they're all well made, but we aren't exactly blown away by everything either.
The Thor bag is well made and we'll definitely be using it.
The Barb Stranger Things towel is pretty hilarious and the Duran Duran look is pretty cool.
The Ghostbusters statue is heavy and well made.
Killer pin as always!
The Supernatural-themed Bestiary book is cool and well worth a read
As with any Loot Crate, we weren't super into every property represented and we aren't big Supernatural fans
The Barb towel seems more like a gag gift than an item you'll be using a lot
If you don't travel you won't really need this Thor bag
The Ghostbusters statue is cool, but again, it's kind of too silly!
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