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Blizzard announces new World of Warcraft expansion “Battle For Azeroth”, new Classic servers

Level to 120, battle for faction supremacy and play as one of several new Allied Races.

Off the heels of one of the most well-received expansions in the game’s history, the newest expansion for World of Warcraft is here: Battle For Azeroth. Blizzard announced the new expansion today at BlizzCon during its "World of Warcraft: What’s Next?" panel.

Battle For Azeroth appears to be a back-to-basics approach in terms of storyline, as after fighting back the Burning Legion to save Azeroth itself in Legion, the focus shifts to the intercontinental politics between the Alliance and Horde, Azeroth’s two dominant governing factions. The opening cinematic shows the Horde, led by Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner, leading an army against that of Anduin Wyrnn’s Alliance.

A gameplay features video was also released, detailing what makes this expansion different from previous installments:

Battle For Azeroth takes place on two continents, each of particular interest to one faction: Kul Tiras for the Alliance, and Zandalar for the Horde. Since Alliance vs. Horde is a major theme this year, players will be able to play as one of several new Allied Races, such as Highmountain Tauren or Void Elves.

Other features briefly touched upon but not yet fully explained are plundering resources in Island Expeditions and inter-faction battles on Warfronts.

Lastly, a major announcement that players have been waiting for for years is finally made official: World of Warcraft Classic!

Blizzard will allow players to play on classic servers, returning to a time before the two most recent attacks of the Burning Legion, the Cataclysm, and everything else that’s happened since the release of The Burning Crusade in 2007. Hopefully more details on how this will work and what, if any, improvements will be made to the vanilla game will be released soon.


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