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Scales & Scoundrels #3 Review

The band enters a dungeon. Oh yeah, this is high fantasy!

A band of characters that includes a dwarf and including someone who has to be part dragon or something, just entered an ancient tomb filled with skeletons and treasure. Sounds like a solid Dungeons & Dragons campaign if I ever heard of one. Enter Scales & Scoundrels #3 to see if loot collecting is in order!

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

Trapped in an ancient dungeon filled with vicious beasts, our scoundrels also must contend with a terrifying bounty hunter…who would dive into the maws of a dragon itself to snare his prey!

Why does this matter?

Sebastian Girner and Galaad have crafted an interesting story revolving around a mysterious protagonist named Luvander who has befriended a band simply fill her belly with food. Now trapped in an ancient dungeon so as to avoid being killed by bandits, anything can happen!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

In case you didn’t read the last issue.

The pace picks up quite a bit in this issue after a mediocre and slow-moving second chapter. As the characters explore the dungeon, tidbits about what they may be up against are revealed as well as a massive monster to take on. Meanwhile, Luvander’s bounty hunter gets even closer and shows off what they can do. If you thought the stakes weren’t raised enough before, they certainly get there in this issue. There’s also fun fighting and action that ramps up the danger right up until the very last page.

The bounty hunter is further developed in this issue in the best of ways via a small detail that only Luvander understands. One could guess, and I’m sure we’ll find out more next issue, but it’ll pique your interest to be sure. It’s also tied to Luvander’s abilities, which get hinted at again this issue. If you’re a fantasy reader you’re going to love what Girner is doing with this character in part because the mystery is so intriguing.

Galaad’s art continues to make this fantasy romp look unique. It’s got a cartoony style that’s quite good at blocking the action. In a key moment, for instance, Luvander aims to strike on a beast only to be yanked away. In this yanking panel, Galaad leaves on the monster and Luvander with the background completely white. It’s a striking moment and helps enhance the energy of Luvander being pulled.

Don’t mess with this dude.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The first few pages continue the slower pace of the last two issues and while it picks up nicely it’s worth noting. There are details about this dungeon revealed that don’t add up yet, and the bandits outside get a full two pages to key the reader into the story, but they end up falling a bit flat.

After the first issue focused mostly on Luvander, I’ve grown to miss the characterization of this character. Because of the group nature of this issue attention is spread around, but Luvander continues to be the most interesting due to her secret and how she was introduced.

Is It Good?

The issue starts off slow but then ramps up and never lets up after that. This is great fantasy with excellent action and interesting characters. May the band continue understanding and revealing new things!

Scales & Scoundrels #3
Is it good?
An action frenzy that's got it all!
The art is colorful and good and showing expressions
Plenty of action and a fast pace!
Interesting tidbits reveal a tad more about Luvander
Luvander isn't the focus which worked very well in issue #1
Slow to start

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