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Cosplayers descend on Rhode Island Comic Con 2017 [Gallery]

Some of the great cosplay on display at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017.

For the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island sure managed to pack its Convention Center for the 2017 edition of Rhode Island Comic Con. And while I’m not crazy about massive crowds, moving at a snail’s pace was all the more tolerable because of all the creative cosplayers attending this year’s show. Doctor Doom to my left, Kylo Ren to my right–awesome all around!

Take a look at just a few of the many talented cosplayers I got to see at Rhode Island Comic Con 2017. Oh yes, and if you see yourself in this post, be sure to identify yourself in the comment space below!

Doctor Doom getting a head start on “Infinity War” mania.

Whether you’re Cobra or a G.I. Joe, eyeglasses are A-OK!

This was right after I told Kylo Ren I needed someone to show me my place in all of this.

I’m unable to confirm whether Michael Keaton was under that helmet, so I’m going to assume he was.

Not sure who this was supposed to be, but man was he a grouch!

Not really cosplay, but cool, no? Completely 3-D printed!

Look sir, Droids!

See more of Joseph Gursky’s cosplay on Instagram at @biggursky

See more of Ally Oops’ cosplay on Instagram @allyoopspinup

See more cosplay from Jayna Lea (left) on Instagram @jaynalea12, and JM (right) @thatpoisonousapple


If you weren’t a fan of my comedic captions, don’t worry–these guys will see to it I receive my punishment.


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