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[VIDEO] The exclusive Toys “R” Us Hydra 2-pack! A review!

The henchmen come home. But do they belong?

The Hasbro Marvel Legends Hydra 2-pack, exclusive to Toys “R” Us, is real! And it’s … well, maybe not worth the excitement. Check the video for more detail, and a promise of more to come???

Is it good?
It's cool, and will likely display well, but manipulating the joints and positioning the weapons is probably harder than it should be. Looks better to the eye than it feels in the hand.
Anti-Secret Empire hysteria has not prevented this from existing!
Everything is interchangeable -- heads, weapons, even vests (sort of )
The potential for army-building is real
Very articulated
Plenty of weapons
Joints are gummy -- will they "warm up" over time?
Hands are also stiff -- some weapon positions don't look "natural"
Do you really need all those heads? What will you do with them?
May not be worth killing yourself to get at this stage. Definitely do not pay those inflated eBay prices.
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