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Kill the Minotaur #6 Review

Can Theseus and Ariadne finally kill the Minotaur?

Chris Pasetto, Christian Cantamessa and Lukas Ketner, Jean-Francois Beaulieu
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Kill the Minotaur #6 is the final climactic issue of this surprisingly mind-blowing 6 part mini series from Image Comics. What its creators Chris Pasetto and Christian Cantamessa have done here is absolutely brilliant. They have taken the age old tale of Mad King Minos’ Labyrinth, Theseus, and the legendary Minotaur and rewoven it into a colorful action-packed masterpiece.

This final issue starts right where we left off, with our heroes Prince Theseus of Athens and Princess Ariadne of Crete coaxing the vile abomination that is the Minotaur out for one last battle. Having watched their friends and fellow prisoners get killed off by the Labyrinth as well as the Minotaur, the two have made their way to the Labyrinth’s center as instructed by its creator Daedalus. Daedalus urges them to “use the center” to destroy the creature and save the world from its evil wrath. It is in the center that they discover that it was not meant to trap or kill the Minotaur as they first believed, but instead was created to torment and cause great pain upon the beast in order to make it grow stronger. Now that that task is done the walls of this living breathing maze are in rot and squalor.

No matter what they do to harm the Minotaur, it keeps regenerating at a frightful rate and they must try everything in their power one last time to kill it before the Labyrinth completely decays and releases the creature upon the world. It is no longer a fight for their own survival but for the survival of all mankind.

Will they discover what is in the center of the maze in time and be able to use it to destroy the Minotaur before it is too late? The fate of us all hangs in the balance!

The artwork on this entire series has been nothing short of amazing and this issue is no exception to that. Lukas Ketner has given us a world that is somewhat familiar in the context of ancient mythology, yet it is fresh, hideous, original, and very exciting. Jean-Francois Beaulieu’s colors only further add to that world by making the vibrant frames jump off the page with explosions of blood, guts, and bile. As beautiful as it is grotesque, the artwork really brings the reader into Kill the Minotaur‘s world in such a way that it makes them feel disturbed or uneasy, yet also compels them to want to witness more. Every action and battle scene in this is a heart pounding and visceral ride making it a definite page turner.

Now on to the story. The writing on this series has been superb and has all led up to this one moment of do or die.

The way that Pasetto and Cantamessa have taken a story that is so well-known and managed to make it fresh, modern, and original is something very special. They really added a lot of depth and dynamic to the character of Theseus as well as Princess Ariadne and have given the concept of the Labyrinth and its relationship to the Minotaur a whole new interesting spin that really pushes the story and makes the Labyrinth a character itself.

It’s rare that a story is reworked in such a fashion that it feels new like this and the creators even threw in a bit of a surprise ending which paves the way for even more stories featuring Theseus and Ariadne.

Overall this issue, as well as the entire series, has been nothing less than amazing. It’s no surprise that since its release in June, Universal Pictures has teamed up with Skybound Entertainment to adapt this into a full-length live action feature film. Robert Kirkman, who runs Skybound Entertainment and is also the creator of The Walking Dead series, has been slated to be one of its producers. This is a top-notch comic that leaves the reader wanting to know more of this world and what happens to the characters in it. Kill the Minotaur is a beautifully crafted and compelling story wrapped in a symphony of blood, violence, and gore.

Kill the Minotaur #6
Is it good?
This is an amazing finale to an incredible 6 issue miniseries. The creators have managed to take a familiar story and have crafted it in a way that feels modern and is as beautiful as it is grotesque.
A vibrant colorful world that is disgusting and exciting.
A rich story that sucks the reader in and makes you care about the characters and what happens to them.
Blood, guts, gore, and intense action.
Monsters, magic, and mayhem!
Short story, only 6 issues, I wanted more!

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