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Thanos #13 Review: Throw up the horns, Thanos rocks!

Thanos is one of the most badass characters in existence and the creative team does him justice here.

Watch out Dark Nights: Metal, there’s a new comic on the stands that’s throwing up the horns in the most hardcore of ways. Thanos is probably the most metal of any character when you consider the guy’s in love with Death herself. Add in the fact that he’s the only villain to basically take out every hero who loves killing, and you have yourself a recipe for metal storytelling. This issue, in particular, is going to rock your socks off.

So what’s it about?

Read our preview.

Why does this matter?

Part one of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s first story arc, this issue aims to play around with time while showing us Thanos is one of the most badass characters in the Marvel universe. It also contains some wicked captions that give you the sense that Thanos is much bigger than we even know.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

All roads Thanos travels are folowed by a trail of bodies.

Damn does this comic book rule. If you had doubts about this latest arc fear not because it opens with big ideas (what secret lies deep down within each of the mightiest beings of existence?) and then clobbers you with a badass Thanos. After an awesome overture that smash cuts to a massive double page of text, the comic eases you into the story using the Chitauri, and finally the introduction of Thanos. I was getting some Worldbreaker vibes from Thanos in his introduction because he’s quite good at leaving a trail of bodies behind him. He imbues a sense of fear in everyone in front of him and he’s clearly capable of taking over kingdoms if he wishes it. This intro is a nice way to ease the minds of readers because we clearly have an awesome version of the character on display here.

And then Cates drops a hammer that’ll blow your mind.

I don’t want to spoil it — it’s just that good of a reveal — but let’s just say a certain motorcycle riding character shows up who is twisted and rather cool. We get a quick backstory on the character which makes him as metal as ever and he even has a funny Deadpool crazy-guy vibe. Oh, and he also rains blood on Thanos. It’s in this scene that Cates makes me get out of my seat and cheer like I’m at a concert. This comic is rocking at this point and this scene leads to an awesome cliffhanger that’ll get you screaming for more.

Shaw’s art is excellent and combined with this script you’re going to be convinced this is a primo title at Marvel — and he isn’t even wearing webs or popping claws! The very first panel will give you a sense of cosmic awe that only Marvel can accomplish, the violence is brutal as hell, and our motorcycle driving madman is pretty damn cool with a rather neat character design. The colors by Antonio Fabela work well with the space scenes and the use of purple and red do a great job casting a darker tone that’s metal as hell. The full page spread that ends the issue is impressive as well, with a killer composition that’ll make you flip back and forth between the last two pages to make sure you’re seeing the crazy thing on the page.

How badass is this guy?

It can’t be perfect can it?

I really can’t find much fault with this comic. There are two pages devoted to the Chitauri which does seem a page too long, but it sets up the power and killer nature of Thanos. What can I say, I loved this comic!

Is It Good?

Put on some heavy metal and dive into this comic head first and you’ll be rewarded by the rock gods. Thanos is one of the most badass characters in existence and the creative team does him justice here. He’s not only stone cold, but a character that commands respect due to his tremendous power. Marvel’s latest series proves all heavy metal roads lead to Thanos. Prepare to throw up the horns, Thanos rocks!

Thanos #13
Is it good?
Thanos is one of the most badass characters in existence and the creative team does him justice here.
Great opening sets the stage, Thanos arrives and kicks ass, and then a surprise twist enters the fray. Entertaining from cover to cover!
Great art throughout which suits the cosmic setting
Holy crap that cliffhanger! This could change Thanos forever
I guess one page was unnecessary?

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