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AiPT! November Staff Picks

Find out what our staff is thankful for this November in this month’s edition of AiPT! Staff Picks!

Still feeling stuffed from that Thanksgiving feast? Well, surely you’ve saved a little room for this month’s addition of AiPT! Staff Picks, right? That’s the spirit! Dig in!

Sean Nickerson: Contributor

‘Tis the season to be thankful. So, what are you thankful for? I am thankful for my family, a tremendous group of friends, and most of all, for my partner who is also my best friend.

Favorite current comic series: Kill the Minotaur. Although it is only a mere six issues long, it is such an action-packed amazing spin on a classic myth. It is gory, violent, and is an original take on an old tale. There is a major motion picture based on it in production and if it is half as cool as the series then it is sure to be awesome!

Favorite current TV series: Hands down it would have to be The Orville. More than a parody or a spoof, this is an homage to ’90s-era Star Trek that holds its own in story and characters. It is smart, funny when it needs to be, and has more heart and substance than one would assume at first glance.Last great movie you saw:  Blade Runner 2049. Probably too long for most and bombed horribly at the box office, but years down the road it will still be digested and discussed in sci-fi circles. It looked and sounded magnificent. The soundtrack was sonic and compelling, and as long as it was, I literally wanted to go right back in and watch it again the day I saw it.

Current gaming addiction: LOTR Shadow of War. The first game was visceral and so much fun. This title only amplifies and expands on that experience with the addition of being able to build your own Orc armies!

Coolest recent purchase: The Gamestop-exclusive Marvel Legends Back in Black Deadpool figure!

Biggest pet peeve of the moment: people who chew food with their mouths open. I would rather not hear how much you are enjoying your food.

Connor Willesden: Contributor

‘Tis the season to be thankful. So, what are you thankful for? I am thankful for the people around me in my life who are there for me when needed.

Favorite current comic series: Mister Miracle. It’s an exciting New Gods tale that is constantly making twists and turns with amazing writing by Tom King that is complimented by Mitch Gerard’s fantastic art work. Every issue improves on the last and makes the story feel like it’s constantly evolving.

Favorite current TV series: It’d have to be Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. It’s a show that is both funny and well-written with plots that wrap around from the start of the season back to the end with strange twists and turns at each episode.

Last great movie you saw: Thor: Ragnarok. It’s fun, high action and has visuals that are amazingly colorful. It stands out from the usual formulaic MCU movies and dives head first into the cosmic scale of Thor instead of shying away like previous movies did. Plus, Korg is one of the best side characters in a MCU movie.

Current gaming addiction: Overwatch, it’s been out a while but I recently got around to getting my own copy of it. The vast selection of heroes and variations of play styles both on a per-hero basis and within each hero is great and it’s a fun game to play with friends. Only downside is the community can be toxic at times.

Coolest recent purchase: The entire run of Grayson by Tom King and Tim Seeley. It’s one of the best Dick Grayson stories written by two of my favorite authors. It was well worth the £72 that it cost me as I’ve read all five volumes multiple times.

Biggest pet peeve of the moment: People who are constantly acting like idiots to get attention and then complain when they get called out on it, especially in a college environment.


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