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Unboxing the Loot Crate DX November 2017

We unbox and review the Loot Crate DX November 2017 box. What do we find?

There was some pretty sweet stuff in the October Loot Crate DX (which we reviewed) with some Stranger Things and Ghostbusters goodness. What kind of TV and movie goodies are in store for us in the November Loot Crate DX? Simply watch the video below to see what we got!

As you can see we weren’t too excited about the items in the crate this time around. The long sleeve shirt is probably the best thing as it’s wearable, pretty cool with its main graphic, and has the logos on the sleeve that add to the overall look. We aren’t too familiar with Nickelodeon’s CatDog TV show, but it’s a cute scarf even if it’s a bit thin. The Doug Mahnke triptych print is pretty, but we aren’t too sure what we would do with the thing! Rounding out the box, and probably the primo item is the Buffy statue. Sadly we are not Buffy fans, but it’s well made at least!

Overall, we are not very happy with this box and not just because we aren’t fans of all the properties. No, the scarf and Buffy statue are underwhelming and the print is neat, but more of a freebie to go in a box rather than a highlighted item. At least the pin is nice!

Loot Crate DX November 2017
Is it good?
We are not overwhelmed with these mediocre items. To make things worse we aren't fans of most of the properties represented here.
The pin and the Justice League long sleeve are nice
Can't beat the excitement of opening a crate!
We aren't fans of Buffy or CatDog so aren't too keen on the items to begin with, but both are pretty meh
The Justice League print is cool, but also an underwhelming item. Are we supposed to frame it?
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