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In the debut of Image’s new series, a kingdom is in turmoil with a change of rulers, and political intrigue could lead to death. Is it good?

Starting in media res, with Sleepless soldier Cyrenic collecting Princess Pyppenia (called Poppy by her close acquaintance) from the tomb of her father. The king of the land, the day that dawns is the coronation of his brother. Poppy is his illegitimate daughter, but still could have been the one to inherit the throne, and danger lurks while Poppy is still at court. Can Cyrenic protect her? And what are the Sleepless, that are bound to protect her?

Is It Good?

Writer Sarah Vaughn and artist Leila del Duca have created an intriguing and beautiful beginning to an exciting new series. Even in the first issue, Vaughn has captured a deep world with enough hints to keep readers coming back. While it has the structure of a Shakespearean drama, the hints of magic and a deeper mystery are intriguing. I was especially interested in the references to time and people with the ability to manipulate it, and how that ties into the Sleepless.

But Leila del Duca’s art truly brings the story to life. I love the design of the court clothing, the different characters’ faces, the way they wear their hair. It’s lush and dramatic, with wonderful details and hints of darkness to fit the story.

While overall Alissa Sallah’s colors are lovely, they are muted, with a base of brown and grey that feels too dull, especially with the vibrant art on the covers.

I was taken in from the first panel, and I can’t wait to see what Sleepless has in store.

Sleepless #1
Is it good?
An intriguing and beautiful beginning to an exciting new series.
Excellent start to a debut series
Deep world even from a single issue, with intriguing hints of more to come
Beautiful art, with gorgeous character design
Colors are a bit muted, which doesn't suit the story

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