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Is Gotham City ready to go ham? ‘Mad Men’ actor Jon Hamm in talks to supplant Ben Affleck as Batman

Could Jon Hamm be the next Batman?

Could Jon Hamm be the next Batman? Though the 46-year-old actor of Mad Men, Black Mirror and Baby Driver fame has said he wouldn’t play a superhero in the past, according to an unnamed source from Radar Online, “Jon’s gunning hard for the role.”

Director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, War for the Planet of the Apes) has already hinted that he has someone in mind to assume the Bat-mantle should Ben Affleck step down and it looks like Hamm might be just the guy.

Though the two developed a rapport both on-screen and off during filming of Affleck’s 2010 film The Town, Hamm’s source assures us:

This is business for Jon – not personal. [Ben and Jon] enjoyed working together and have been on good terms ever since. But Jon knows Ben has faced some criticism over Batman v Superman and Justice League, and frankly thinks he’d be better suited for the job.

Of course, Ben’s not officially out of the role yet, but the writing’s on the wall, and Jon’s desperate for the gig — friend or not.”

Could we be seeing this on the big screen soon enough?

Affleck isn’t the only person standing in Hamm’s way however. “Jake Gyllenhaal has also been chasing the role, and Matt has definitely been considering him. But Jon is closer to Ben’s age and look, and will be a smoother replacement to fit into the plans already in place.”


Should Jon Hamm replace Ben Affleck as Batman in the DCU? Sound off in the comments.


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