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EureKids! — Bill Nye’s ‘Jack and the Geniuses’

Bill Nye has made it his personal mission to inspire excitement for science in both kids and adults.

Throughout the month of December, AiPT! will be highlighting some of our favorite science-based books and activities for kids. Looking for that perfect holiday gift that educates while it entertains? Eureka, you have found it!

Bill Nye the Science Guy, everyone’s favorite bowtie-clad science advocate, has once again created an informative and highly entertaining approach for teaching children about the world around them. He, together with co-author Gregory Mone, a longtime science journalist and children’s author, created an action-packed adventure series perfect for middle-graders. Filled with homemade robots, strange sea creatures, exotic locations, missing scientists, and good old-fashioned sleuthing by Jack and his siblings, Jack and the Geniuses is guaranteed to please any young, excitement-loving readers.

The Jack and the Geniuses chapter book series takes kids on adventures all over the world

Jack is an everyman character;, your average creative kiddo who happens to live in the shadows of his two genius foster siblings, Matt and Ava. While not related by blood, their incredible bond is built on mutual respect and love for each other and for science. The trio travels the world, from the South Pole to Hawaii and into the jungles of the Amazon, with their eccentric caregiver, renowned scientist and inventor, Hank Witherspoon, to solve mysteries with science and a whole lot of heart.

“One of the main rules of ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ was that the show had to focus on real science and technology. No jetpacks or teleporters. We decided to use the same approach with ‘Jack and the Geniuses.’ So even though some of the inventions and devices might seem a little weird or wild, they are based in reality.” Bill Nye, from ‘On the Bottom of the World’

Adorable book review by Kid Book Tuber Snazzy Reads

Bill Nye, a fixture in children’s science education since the 1990s, has made it his personal mission to inspire excitement for science in both kids and adults today. At a time when deniers of science seem to be creeping out of the woodwork of society, it’s refreshing to have passionate educators producing intelligent content everyone can enjoy.

Gregory Mone, also a contributor in the world of children’s science-based storytelling, has written several award-winning kids’ books that have gone on to be Scholastic Book Clubs bestsellers, including The Truth About Santa: Wormholes, Robots, and What Really Happens on Christmas Eve (Bloomsbury). Mone is able to combine the ideas bubbling from the ever-effervescent Nye and turn them into a gripping tale you simply won’t want to put down.

“I very much want you to have a chance to imagine your own remarkable futures. I want to give you a chance to explore and address world-sized problems–let’s call them opportunities. I want you to read books. This task was beyond me. But then I met Greg Mone. He is the genius behind Jack et. al. Greg took my rudimentary ideas and made them into something wonderful. Greg and I hope you enjoy these adventures. We hope they give you an idea or two so that you can go out there and change the world.” Bill Nye, from the ‘At the Bottom of the World’ acknowledgments

Jack and the Geniuses creators Bill Nye and Gregory Mone

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