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Unboxing/Review: Mezco One:12 collective Deadpool classic Red action figure

We review the recently released Mezco One:12 action figure.

We were big fans of the SDCC exclusive X-Men Deadpool action figure, so expect high praise for the classic red Deadpool that was just released from Mezco in the last week. This figure was actually up for preorder long before the SDCC exclusive but was delayed for quite a few months. It’s finally here in all its classic glory!

Check out our full video unboxing and review below to see what we think.




As you can see, we rather liked this figure! The accessories are choice, especially the zombie Deadpool head which you won’t find anywhere else. There are a ton of accessories with this figure, which seems to warrant the higher price tag of $80. It also comes with a stand and a handy bag to keep your accessories all in one place. The details on the figure are pretty nice too and while some may have a problem with cloth figures, you can’t deny the black leather gives this figure an expensive look.

This is the third One:12 figure we’ve reviewed, and it’s up there in quality. The Spider-Man Miles Morales figure didn’t have as many accessories or detail and the clothing on this figure is a touch better than the X-Men Deadpool, too — the holsters and clothing are more detailed and varied.

So why isn’t it a perfect ten? Possibilities, at least with the stand! Unfortunately, Deadpool’s sword sheaths get in the way of the clamp that would otherwise hold his waist. It’s possible we’re being nitpicky, but we haven’t figured out how to get him on this stand in a natural-looking way.

One:12 Mezco Classic Deadpool
Is it good?
The sheer number of accessories and details on this figure make it a must buy for Deadpool fans.
A ton of accessories and the zombie Deadpool head is jaw dropping in detail
The cloth costume is raised up a bar due to the leather like black material
Lot's of points of articulation
High value for only 80 bucks
The sword sheath gets in the way of the stand clamp!
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