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EureKids! — ‘Uncover the Human Body’

For the curious kid looking to pick a person apart.

Kids love nothing better than taking stuff apart to see what’s inside and trying to figure out how things work. Our own household has had its fair share of non-functioning remote controls with mysteriously missing batteries and other components, arms and legs covered in ant bites from poking sticks into giant dirt mounds after a good rain, and questionable kitchen concoctions filled with eggs (shells and all), and anything else little hands can reach in the refrigerator.

“Hey, Mommy! Look what I did!” is one of the most frightening things a parent can hear.

They also love all things bodily function-related. Say “poop” to a toddler and be prepared for belly laughs and “Brrrrrrtt!” sounds. A terrific book to inform a child’s curiosity about what makes all those gurgles, rumbles, and pops inside them is Luann Colombo’s Uncover the Human Body, originally published in 2003.

Filled with sections like The scoop on poopWe’re all boneheads! and Gross, but true! this book will delight any kiddo with an eager mind to learn. Divided into the various systems of the body, the 16-page board book also offers fun activity ideas demonstrating the concepts of how the body works. The Try This! sections include: how to bend a bone, what happens when we eat asparagus, and make your muscles float!

The best part of the book, though? Each page has a plastic 3D cross-section model of the human anatomy broken down into its various systems. Starting with the dermis (skin) layer, each system is removed as you turn the page to reveal the system underneath. The skeletal, digestive, urinary, circulatory, respiratory, muscular, and nervous systems are all represented with a 3D look of how they appear in the body. The beautifully drawn realistic images by renowned biomedical illustrators Craig Zuckerman and Jennifer Fairman compliment the fun yet informative content perfectly.

Kids are inherently curious about everything, especially their own bodies, which makes Uncover the Human Body a perfect addition to any little reader’s library. The publisher’s recommended age is 8+ but it’s guaranteed to delight children far younger than that. Smaller kiddos just need some adult supervision with this one, as the 3D parts are not designed to come out of the book. You remember what we said earlier about kid’s favorite thing to do, right? This is a book you’ll definitely enjoy right along with the youngsters in your life, whether you’re reading it out loud or giving a helping hand with all the different experiments. You might even learn something new, too!

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