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[VIDEO] Deadpool Back in Black Marvel Legends unboxing

But do I put it in the DEADPOOL collection or the VENOM collection?

You wanna know the REAL secret of Marvel’s original Secret Wars? Deadpool was there. Hiding in the gutters and behind that mountain the Hulk threw, Deadpool was there, at least according to the Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars mini-series that tied into Jonathan Hickman’s NEW Secret Wars.

But wait, there’s one more, HUGE secret — Deadpool had the Venom symbiote first! Sorry, Pete, but now you can understand why your best hand-me-down has the attitude it does.

And just like those bizarre, shield-wielding action figures from Secret Wars, yes, there had to be a Deadpool Back in Black six-inch Marvel Legends figure. It’s no secret that it turned out pretty cool.

The Deadpool Back in Black figure is technically a GameStop exclusive, but you can probably find it elsewhere if you look hard enough. Either way, it’s out there, and you know you want it. Add it to your Venom collection, OR your Deadpool collection!

Is it good?
It's simple but effective. It does everything you want it to, and can represent an only slightly Venom-y Deadpool, or one that's a little more monstered out.
The tendrils really hold things!
The "Deadpool" head moves very well
Normal, many points of articulation you'd expect from Marvel Legends
Addition of more monster-like "Venom" hands complete the "symbiote taken over" look
Some of the joints and attachment points are sticky. As usual, this will likely improve over time.

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