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The Magical Twins Review

Humorous and heavy-handed.

Alejandro Jodorowsky
Price: $13.56
Was: $19.95

It’s always a pleasure to see the name Jodorowsky on something — it instantly piques my interest. The Magical Twins, illustrated by Georges Bess, however, is a simple children’s book and in all honesty there isn’t much substance to it. It follows two twins, Aram and Mara, as they and their magical bird friend Lyrena undertake several challenges to try and free their father King Jodhia from the evil clutches of Tartarath.

It’s an island-hopping adventure for the twins as they jump from foe to foe beating enemies and making new friends along the way to rescue their imprisoned father. It’s a colorful book thanks to Jean-Jaques Rouger with typical European art by Bess — it’s not the prettiest thing in the world but you could do far, far worse than what’s on these pages. It took a while for me to get into this story. Even with my childlike mind it took about half the book before I cared to see it through to the end. It did become rather charming after a while and the second half was much more rewarding to read than the first.

It’s rather clunky and obvious and I found it difficult to see how it could keep a child’s attention to see it through to its conclusion. It has some humorous moments and some heavy handed morals but that isn’t really a negative criticism — I guess kids need to learn from somewhere right? I should have really tried to get one of my nieces to read it but I’m hard pressed to think of what age group this book is intended for. That might be because mainland European children read very different types of comics compared to other places in the world. This does create a nice variety of books which get translated into English but maybe not all of them will get the love they get in their native language.

The Magical Twins
Is it good?
It's rather clunky and obvious and I found it difficult to see how it could keep a child's attention to see it through to its conclusion.
A simple, colourful adventure.
Not very memorable.

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