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AiPT! Podcast Episode 10: ‘The Last Jedi’ Pregame!

David and Jason pregame for “The Last Jedi” with a little help from AiPT!’s JJ, Jim and Michael on this week’s episode of the AiPT! Podcast.

To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, throughout the entire month of December AiPT! will be covering all the latest news and updates, reviewing the latest comics, teaching you how to build your very own lightsaber on our YouTube channel, breaking down all the best theories on our podcast, showcasing the best cosplay, ranking the best Sith/Jedi and so much more.

Jason Segarra and David Hildebrand are joined by half of the damn AiPT! website! No, not really, but pretty close. We’ve been counting down to The Last Jedi and the day is finally near. Jason and David are joined by Jim Lehane, Michael “Muff” Pursell and JJ Travers as they discuss theories, characters, what they hope to see in The Last Jedi and, most importantly, Porgs!

Be sure to check back Friday, as we’ll have a special episode on which JJ interviews Carleigh Councell aka Uneekchic. We’ll also have another Star Wars-themed podcast early next week as we break down The Last Jedi. Spoilers for sure there, boys and girls–you’ve been warned.

The AiPT Podcast is – Jason Segarra and David Hildebrand. You can find Jason on Twitter @FelixLancaster and you can find David on Twitter @Sycotic. You can find our guests on Twitter too–Jim Lehane @Jazinator and JJ Travers @JohnJTravers. To find Michael Pursell, you’ll need to locate the missing piece of a map across the stars, which is hidden in a BB unit on a distant planet.

You can tweet us personally or at the show’s account on Twitter @AiPTPodcast.


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